11 Awesome YouTube Video Ideas To Create Viral Videos

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Looking for the best youtube video ideas to grow your channel fast?

We could see a lot of viral videos that just require a single night and make you popular across the globe.

Even you can see a number of videos available on the YouTube platform get viral and viewed by millions of people for its content.

After watching the popular videos, most of the people are looking forward to posting their own videos and want them to go viral. So, where do they get such viral YouTube videos at all?

Well, some decent research of YouTube could make you understand what is in the demand. Find the right video category is important. People struggle to find the right video niche which works.

If you are the one who is looking forward and create viral videos, then you are in the right place to know about it. Social Media is also going to be helpful for promoting the videos further from youtube.

However, it requires a lot of ideas to execute your videos and maintaining consistency to grow the channel. If you are up for that, then below viral video ideas are just for you.

YoutTube Video Ideas which helps to create Viral Videos

Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers when it comes to pouring their own ideas into videos and make them viral on YouTube platform.

1. Unboxing Videos – Youtube Video Ideas

Whenever the launch of mobile or other gadgets happens, people are very much excited about knowing the product’s features and price. Even many of the folks look into several unboxing videos before making a purchase, which makes sense.

And based on the product popularity, you can unbox the product and explain in an interesting way to your followers.

It would be helpful for all and at the same time to you too as your videos are monetized. And there will be a chance of gaining more subscribers to your channel, waiting for your next one.

2. Prank videos

It is the video where most of the people would like to focus on it during their free time and experience a lot of stress buster stuff. And apparently, prank videos are one of those kinds of videos folks like to watch, as those are funny and exciting.

And the prank video niche is one of the popular in the video niche. You could be the next prankster if you could add a surprise element in your videos and come up with the unique creativity every time you would like to offer a new video to your subscribers.

It is all up to your ideas that how you are going to implement. But somehow, the prank videos are considered to be the most hilarious videos across YouTube platform.

3. Cooking Videos

Nowadays, people are always looking for healthy food to consume rather than just visiting the popular restaurants in the streets.

In this case, if you are very much passionate about cooking and love to share the tips over the recipes can start your channel and share the videos in an interesting manner.

If your cooking method is different and interesting from other cooking videos, then there will be a chance of getting viral in a quick time.

4. Movie reviews

Entertainment is said to be the best part to experience among the people. In this case, every movie enthusiastic will be keenly waiting for the new movie release and its review on time.

So, people who all are interested in reviewing the movies can start to do the review to the people with a unique presentation. Once it is done, your video will be getting a chance of viral due to its entertainment and engagement factor.

5. Gaming Videos

If you love gaming, then start a channel containing gaming videos would be a great choice. All you got to do it while playing videos on your PC record it with the help of some screen recorder software.

Isn’t that simple?

Yes, it is, you might find several such channels on Youtube and those get millions of views in a short time. In fact, some gamers limit their videos to one popular game only. For Instance, Pokemon!

Choose your favorite one and go for it, as there are many game lovers who get stuck at a particular level of the game and seeks help from YouTube. And you could be the one to help them.

6. Relationship videos

You can also try a video with your boyfriends or girlfriends over daily activities. This thing will make your subscribers to watch their videos more.

However, at the same time, it is also essential for the people to present the video in an entertaining way. Once started to upload the video, don’t try to keep the gap between the first and next videos.

7. Makeup tutorial or Fashion Videos

Fashion gets a trend among the people, especially with women. They often used to focus their interest on glam up them.

So, if you are the one who is looking forward to spreading the new tips over makeup, then you can make use of it through makeup tutorial videos. Make sure to present the video professionally.

8. Food Challenge Video

So are you a foodie?

If yes, then its a perfect go for you to create a YouTube channel. It would work incredibly as people love food.

This will turn out to be an interesting video where you can easily be made and upload on time. For instance, you can challenge yourself or any of your friends with the target quantity of food to be consumed at a fixed time.

As per your convenience, you can make this video better. At the same time, you can also ask for the next food challenge from your subscribers.

9. Travel Vlogs

This is an awesome option, If you love to travel by yourself across the globe, then you can make capture those moments in a video.

People love to watch such videos as they could have the experience to watch pleasant and new locations.

You can add your daily activities while traveling, That’s it!. This could be really interesting and at the same time engaging to the people who all are watching.

10. Music videos

People who all are interested in showing their music talent, then you can make use of the YouTube platform. You can upload the singing or usage of musical instruments video on the YouTube platform.

If you present the video to your subscribers in a great way, then without any doubt, your video will get viral in a short time.

11. Workout Videos

People are always showing their interest to develop their body and maintaining their fitness level all the time.

At this condition, most of the people looking for workout videos to prepare themselves. These kinds of videos will literally hook the people interested in the workout.

Final Thoughts on Viral Youtube Video ideas

As we all know that most of them aren’t aware of pouring their videos ideas to create viral videos. For those people, hope the above-mentioned stuff will be helpful.

Although creativity has no ends, new ideas keep on striking and there are always like-minded folks to watch the kind of videos you produce. But, it’s always better to study the audience demands by selecting the right niche with the right keywords.

As YouTube is the second largest search engine, browsed by the users no one would like to miss the chance to create viral videos for their channel. Which is certainly a clever move.

It’s up to the individuals which YouTube video ideas attracts them more and helps in creating the viral videos and give a pump to your channel. If you don’t want to create videos there are a few more video platforms, but YouTube is the best.

So what kind of YouTube Channel you are about to create?

18 thoughts on “11 Awesome YouTube Video Ideas To Create Viral Videos”

  1. Hello Navin,

    Awesome Video list, you have shared here. I am addicted to watching Travel related videos and Also a big fan of Nikhil Mumbaiker. He is so much popular and has millions of subscribers for his channel. I am also like to view prank and comedy related videos too. Thanks again for sharing this list.

    • Hi Vishwajeet,

      Yeah everyone just wants to watch the video. Yeah, I use to see Nikhil’s videos too since when had just 1 lakh subscribers.

      Times just passes on watching such travel video. This is why such videos get so much follow and a perfect niche to get started with a YouYube Channel. Thanks.

  2. Hi Navin,

    You have shared an awesome list here.

    But I think You should include funny videos and motivational videos in this list.

    These two types of videos are also very popular.

    I’m a big fan of Vivek Bindra and Sandeep Maheshwari.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article with us.

    Sumit Sao

  3. Hello Navin Rao,

    YouTube marketing is trending now. You mentioned great ideas in this post.
    I am a big fan of Prank videos, Workout videos and travel videos. Nice collections.

    Thank you for the useful share

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

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