Understand Top 3 Google Ranking Factors For your blogs SEO{Updated}

Every content creator works their ass off to rank their pages on the Google’s first page. It’s an open secret!

And I am sure you too are one of them. Aren’t you?

But have you ever thought how does Google pull a web page up from the list compared to the rest? What are the top Google ranking factors? What Google actually considers to rank a page?

what should you concentrate on to skyrocket your blog? And what can boost your pages rank in the SERP’s?

A lot of questions?

hmm..! questions are always good. Questions will make you follow the right direction.

Crawling in the right direction is better, instead running towards the wrong oneClick To Tweet

Read this complete article to get rid of all these questions and know where to put your complete focus, instead of trying out several things, which are always temporary.

No rocket science in this, better the pages ranks, better the conversions, leads, exposure, fame, opportunities. And what not!

And who doesn’t want all those?

After all, that’s the reason behind blogging right?

  • So that someone could read it?
  • To get enough exposure,
  • what you and your blog content deserve.

What is the point of having tons of articles in your blog, but no one is able to go through? You might be writing very useful and mesmerizing content which could be lovable by the readers, but not reaching to the relevant audience.

You might say Social Media could be a great solution for it. I agree social media platforms have the extreme potential to drive traffic if used properly.

But is that the permanent solution? Is that is the only way to get loads of traffic to your blog?

I am sure, you have said a big No!

And I am also sure you are already doing plenty of things to drive traffic to your blog, but not getting any desired results.

How about putting all those efforts in the right place, and doing a proper SEO to get the maximum results.

Why Running After SEO

And Search Engine Optimization is the effective way which drives constant traffic to your website.

There are tons of SEO tutorials articles on the web. You might have already following, but might or might not getting favorable results.


Here is the big question, Are you doing it right? Are you doing the proper SEO? Do you actually understand how Google works?

Understanding Google’s Algorithm and the way it ranks it important, before getting into the core SEO subject.

But, at the same time, SEO is kept on changing through out the time as Google kept on updating their Algorithm.

They have a valid reason to do it, as they want to give better results to the reader. Increase the user experience!

As that’s what a user wants right?

The Answer would be yes if you see from the user perspective. And Google serves the same to them.

So, instead of getting annoyed with the Google updates, we should respect it and change the content accordingly.

And this would be resulting in great SEO learning curve too. Because you will be updated with the working SEO factors at the same time.

We need to understand what the user looks for? And Google wants to serve them the best way.

And that is helpful content, That’s it!

In this scenario, it’s good to change the SEO strategy according to the requirement. Don’t you think so?

Read on, if you want to bring up the change.

Here, I am going to share the best methods to go with in 2017, which actually working! And SEO industry is running behind it.

3 Top Google’s Ranking Factors

What are they? What are the SEO aspects which most established bloggers concentrating on seriously?

  • Back Links
  • Content
  • Rank Brain

You already know it? But are you do it the right way you should?

Let’s come up with the first one links.


Links are always one of the primary factors for ranking. Doesn’t matter if you have the mesmerizing content on your blog, but if you don’t have good links to it. Forget about ranking it, as it’s kind of impossible depending on the keyword competition.

Top Google Ranking Factors

Links are really important. Saying, link meant with the backlinks which pass the link juice from one website to another.

Though, this doesn’t mean that all the backlinks are going to work for your blog. There is no point of creating backlinks from any of the websites which don’t have good authority at all.

Because if you have hundreds of low-quality backlinks. It won’t give any value at all. And the second thing relevancy.

Relevancy matters! Seldom it’s been observed that relevant links are much powerful than those with high authority but not relevant.

Hundreds of low-quality links too can be equal to one high-quality backlink from high authority domain. Backlinks are the most effective part Off Page SEO.

The question might be going in your head, how to determine and go with the quality backlinks?

Analyze Quality Links

There are several tools to grab the history of a domain quality. The popular one is Moz, where we can see a domain backlinks, Authority of it, which is also known as Domain Authority.

Moz describes it in brief DA (Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority). Go to Moz Authority Tool, and drop the domain and hit the search button.

Within few seconds the Moz tool presents the Authority of it.

Basically, Moz calculates the Domain authority and page authority in between 1-100. The more the number increases up, can be said as a good quality Domain. Along with considering the Domain Authority, if the website is having High PR, then nothing would be better than that.

How To Get Quality Backlinks

Though, there might be several ways to get Backlinks like,

  • Buying Backlinks – Not recommended, as it comes under Black Hat SEO, and you don’t have a control over the link quality. Now, it’s a common sense that if you buy a backlink from a website, it will be sold to other websites as well. Isn’t it? Ultimately the website will get penalized once search engines realize the same. So, buying backlinks can’t be a permanent solution at all. Be wise.
  • Links Exchanging(Same niche blogs) – May work, but looks very unprofessional. How about writing a post on their blog, and they will automatically give you a link to your site.

Personally, I like to go with Blog Commenting and Guest Posts.

And the reason behind that is very simple, those process just won’t create backlinks to your site, but also create some human bonds with the fellow bloggers. And my interest is more in it.

Marvellous Content

Content is the body of a blog, without great quality content, there is no possibility to rank any of the articles at all. Even if you have tons of backlinks to your site.

ContentWe all are well known about the backlinks impact on the search engine rankings. But along with that, there are several more factors which come into the consideration of Google’s Ranking System.

So, if the content is not crafted with love, it won’t convert the way you want it to. And probably user will leave the site immediately.

Hence because of that, there will be a chance of an increase in the bounce rate. Which is not good for any blog or website. And it is one of ranking factor of Google’s amongst their 200 huge lists.

Quality content is the backbone of an article. Create a valuable content which should be immensely useful for the readers.

As these days a longer content is a bit easier to rank. And you might have been heard this from SEO Gurus.

But at the same time, it should not go out of the point. The Content should be completely relevant to the topic. And should be interesting as well from the user point of view.

Lengthy content ranks well but, the content length should vary according to the niche your blog is.

For instance, if you have a review site then, people like to read the detailed one. It always good to describe, some Pros and Cons on a review article and make it a detailed one.

And if you have some tips and tricks, How To Guides – Don’t try to make it too lengthy, as the intent of the reader is to get the solution in lesser time.

Above niches were just examples, the content should be written according to the niche and intent of the users.

Along with all those, we need to make sure that we are optimizing the content well using the OnPage Techniques.

Rank Brain

Have you heard about it?

According to Google, Rank Brain is the third most effective ranking factor.

Curious to know what is rank brain exactly?

And what are we are about to discuss now?

rank brain

Rank Brain is basically Google’s Algorithm and a machine Artificial intelligence system. And this system functions to help the readers to provide the best results for their searches.

How does Rank Brain work?

Generally, it records all the queries of the users and understands their intent of the searches.

So, basically, this Google’s machine artificial intelligence, learns from it own.

In short, it is a part of the algorithm that actually determines that which pages to appear where. Basically, decides the ranking system. So Understand it is really important.

As of now, all we know about it read the user interaction with the content.

For Instance, if user types a keyword in google and 10 results gets displays.

And if the user clicks on the 4th link over the 1st one, then the Rank brain will most likely to rank up the 4th link above. But again, the rest 200 ranking factors also come into consideration.

Sounds Good?

So, here the whole thing is to provide the best user experience. And content to be written keeping the same into the mind.

Final Words

Content with great quality and relevant to the topic enhance the user experience. And then backlinks plays the role to boost it. Nevertheless, we should not forget the character which Rank Brain plays in this scenario. SEO, which includes both On Page and OffPage SEO is very important. But eventually helpful content is leading the race.

Following all the above strategy will definitely boost the ranking in the Search Engines.


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