Actionable Tips for Business Website on WordPress

With a generation that is increasingly using smartphones and tablet devices, it is key to ensure that your website keeps up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Doing so will make sure that your business stays afloat, and along the way, attracts new customers and retains loyal clients.

Here are some ways you can make sure your business website is as efficient and accessible as possible:

Optimize Website for Mobile and Tablets

In 2015 Google found that mobile searches surpassed desktop searches, and 40% of online smartphone users will be less likely to return if the site proves to be unsatisfactory to their needs.


This can be as simple as slow loading time, a cluttered webpage or an overload of advertisements.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. The advantages of this include a quicker loading time, fewer pop-ups, clear contact information and accessible menu bar and icons.

By making your website as easily readable and accessible to your customer, this will ensure that they can find what they are looking for quickly and may even persuade them to use your business again in the future.

Mobile users have also been found to buy more than their desktop counterparts as they can have all the information, reviews and comparisons in one device and make an informed decision.

One way of checking if your website is mobile-friendly is through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It’s simple as eating a piece of cake.

Head over to the website, and enter your domain name in the provided field, and hit the Run Test button.

Google Mobile friendly Test

It might take a few seconds to show the result if the test comes negative and shows you webpage is not mobile-friendly, then the tool will suggest how you could improve it and make it mobile friendly.

Google Mobile friendly Test-questioncage

Moreover, most of the WordPress themes come with mobile optimization and are adaptable to mobile devices and tablets these days.

Make sure your Contact page is Responsive

Ever visited a website, found yourself having questions you’d like the business to answer and when you clicked on the “Contact Us” page you’re meant by the dreaded “404 Not Found” warning?

Will be annoying right for the reader and perhaps you will lose some business coming in your way.

Make sure that your contact page is up and working because if not, it can easily turn potential customers and clients away.

Not only will a working contact page engage your customers, but it adds to the reliability and authority of your website.

Most WordPress themes also come with a customized contact page that allows customers to input their contact details and their message. So, investing in such premium themes completely makes sense.

And if you would not like to change your current theme and create a responsive and customized contact page for your business website, you can do it swiftly with WPForms WordPress Plugin.

This plugin not limited just with the Contact form, but an all in one forms solution.

A proper responsive contact form will not only help bring all the queries in one place for easy management but will also give you a list of email addresses.

Compile an Email List

Effective Email Marketing is the way to go. If your business sends a weekly newsletter or you want to send promotions, discounts and other offers to prospective and loyal customers, an email list is the best way to do so.

You can also grab the email list from social media like Facebook. In this way, you could get niche specific emails for your business.

One way of acquiring emails is through inviting potential customers to subscribe to emails relating to what your business offers.

You can not leave your visitors without signing up for the newsletter and become a returning visitor. And nothing can be best than a tool like Optinmonster for email capture.

But what if you want to compile a separate list of emails for B2B transactions and you only have a domain name to go from?

You can use email address searches website for the same. Simply input the domain name and see the emails of those in that business who have publicly made their email addresses available.

It is also a good way of compiling email addresses if your business is, for example, related to PR or marketing and you wish to contact publications and media to promote the artist or act you are currently marketing.

Take Advantage of SEO tricks

Another way of ensuring your website receives as many clicks and engagement as possible is by making sure it reaches the first page of Google searches.

You can do this by utilizing search engine optimization techniques as much as possible. WordPress comes with plugins you can use to make this easier for you such as Yoast SEO.

A good, functioning website that is tailored for an increasingly mobile-using generation will ensure your business is kept up to date and attracts as many customers and clients as possible.

Not only will utilize some of these tips to attract new customers but ensure that existing customers will keep coming back for more.

Final Words on Business Website on WordPress

WordPress could be an excellent platform for your business website. It gives the flexibility and will save a lot of time, which can use for marketing or branding.

Plugins put all your needs in your plate and get it served to your audience. We have a list of useful plugins for your website which could make use of.

What can you add to the list for a startup business website on WP?


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  1. Thanks Navin.
    These points are vital and people shouldn’t ignore these points at all.
    Having a mobile-friendly website is one of the key elements if you need to provide a better user experience.
    As we all know, smartphones are dominating all forms of internet activities, we should make sure our websites are ready for these high-end smart devices!
    Keep sharing Navin

  2. Hi Navio,

    It’s great to come by to read your article. You did a great job here. The tips you presented are great indeed. I like that you talk about the need to create a mobile responsive website.

    Why? Becaus mobile has taken over the digital marketing space. Wherever you turn to, you see everyone with a mobile device, and people are busy checking their devices every 15 mins – 24 hours a day. A few years ago mobile internet users surpassed desktop users, signalling the need for a mobile responsive site. If you’re not on mobile you’re loosing out.

    • Hi Moss, you are right Moss, people might not tolerate more those sites which are not mobile friendly. Thanks for sharing the insights.

      Have a great weekend.


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