Most Expensive Domain Names: You Wont Believe it

Before looking at the most expensive domain names let see what is a domain. Domain name is an identity of a website, and everyone wants to have a different identity.

The Name which is registered under DNS (Domain Name System), can be called as a domain name.

And from a long time, it’s quite common to buying and selling domain names to make money. It’s not new at all, and if you have something to sell, there is always a buyer.

It is as simple as that purchase domain name in cheaper prices and sell domain name at a higher price to the needy and make your profit.

Here are some of the 30 Most Expensive Domain Names ever sold in the history as on date..

30 Most Expensive Domain Names

Domain NamesSold YearSold For $
PrivateJet.com2012$30.18 million
Internet.com2009$18 million
360.com2015$17 million
Insure.com2009$16 million
Fund.com2008£9.99 million
Sex.com2014$14 million
Hotels.com2001$11 million
Porn.com2007$9.5 million
Fb.com2010$8.5 million
Business.com1999$7.5 million
Diamond.com2006$7.5 million
Beer.com2004$7 million
iCloud.com2011$6 million
Israel.com2008$5.88 million
Casino.com2003$5.5 million
Slots.com2010$5.5 million
Toys.com2009$5.1 million
AsSeenOnTv.com2000$5.1 million
Clothes.com2008$4.9 million
Medicare.com2014$4.8 million
IG.com2013$4.6 million
Marijuana.com2011$4.20 million
GiftCard.com2012$4 million
Yp.com2008$3.8 million
Mi.com2014$3.6 million
AltaVista.com1998$3.3 million
Whisky.com2013$3.1 million
Vodka.com2006$3.0 million
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How Simple Domain Business is?

It’s really quite easy to create a website, but choosing a domain name, not at all. One has to think a lot, keep in mind several aspects before buying a domain name.

Thinking of being a domainer? As we have seen above the domain names sold at higher prices, it’s quite common to get started doing it.

But it is not a piece of cake, it needs experience and skills, research and lots of luck. Picking a correct domain to sell that in future is not that simple as we might think of.

Things to know before being a domainer

The market study needs to be done. And we should always go with some simple, short and trendy words.

Everyone would like to have the keyword in the domain. Thinking in the same perspective But yes not impossible.

You can make some money for sure, and if you are lucky enough also could be added to the list as well. haha.. Though anything can happen.

Most Expensive Domain Names: You Wont Believe it
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