8 Best Social Media Platforms for Business {Branding and More Sales}

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Any emerging business should have Social media marketing strategies to promote their brand.

These days social media plays a vital role in any business growth, it doesn’t matter if you have a small or large-scale business.

Now the important factor which should not be avoided is visual content i.e pictures, video etc. And moreover, a uniqueness in that plays the key role and makes your brand stand out from the rest.

That is what needed right, uniqueness? If you want the viewers to be converted into the customer, avoiding your competitors.

Saying unique doesn’t mean only to the product you want to sell. Also, the way you are presenting it and promoting it.

Impact and Advantages of Social Media Platforms on business

Social media active presence can create a huge community around you. Through social media, you can choose the audience quite easily who could be interested in your products.


Target the related social groups around your product, who could be interested in. So it let us refine the targeted audience with an ease(using similarly interested groups).

Now, once we understand all this the question is which social media is best for business?

This is the big question, as there are several of them, which ones a startup business should opt. Below is the list of working ones.

Best Social Media Platforms for Business


When a platform has such a huge 1.94 billion active users, there is not much to speak about. And that statistics was until March 2017 and it is unstoppable, users are increasing with high numbers every second.

Now, Can u believe it? 1.94 billion users?

What could be better than this for creating a brand for your business?

It can be said as the Facebook is the most populated and demographics social media platform compared to any other platform.

The formula is simple, Isn’t it? more people, more scope of reach, branding, conversion, leads and what not.

The purpose could be anything, things will fall into place as you want it to be when you have such a huge audience. Your business website could get some insane traffic, rest job will be done by your products. Facebook can be a big help to increase your email list as well.


  • Streaming videos is popular right now
  • Right words(posts), can have the potential to convert the audience into customers.
  • Facebook live streaming to create a brand and reach people directly.

No doubt streaming is challenging to bind up the audience


  • You will find all kind of audiences here from Kids, Adults, and grannies as well. So, refining the targeted audience should be done wisely.


While hanging out on Twitter and you must have seen it is a great place for professionals. In fact, celebrities also like to throw some tweets daily, on their activities.

Now you can be one among them, as your purpose is the same creating a brand of your company or products. Get noticed resulting get more sales. An active presence with does the job.

Now it’s quite evident, it’s not a piece of cake to make your presence all the time, so tools like Buffer or Hootsuite could be a big help on scheduling your posts according to the targeted audience. And it will do the job for you, just like you employee.


  • approach directly to the Companies or brands
  • Post Multiple times a day, to reach out to the relevant audience.


  • limited to 140 characters only. Which could be a big challenge to put up the words in just that limited content.

You might have often noticed, how people are embedding tweets of the twitter influence’s on their website to make more sales. And it is a good way to increase the sales if any big brand has already recommended your products or services.


You can find people here more involved in B2B’s(Business to Business), Service providers etc. That is the reason the Business owners are attracted to it.

And that is an opportunity, to attract and showcase your products through your brand.

LinkedIn was earlier limited by on the Recruiters and Jobseekers, but now that is not the case.

Business owners can post a couple of times in a day and create a brand easily.

In a traditional way, you have to build a network by connecting people to grow your empire. LinkedIn groups can be really helpful!

For branding more powerfully and effectively the aim should be creating groups in your own industry and inviting those businesses to join as well. Because it can open some doors of collaborations as well, and the same time getting exposure amongst more brands.


Video marketing trend is increasing day by day. As the YouTube is the second largest search Engine, so businesses can not avoid and loose the active audience on it.

A business must have a youtube channel and be very consistent with their rich class videos.

People love to see more of the visual content and through YouTube can be a  great platform for video marketing of any business.

Embedding videos on the website is not a new thing at all, you might have seen that in plenty of websites. These are the strategies to build traffic from both the platforms, video and website content.

Whiteboard animations are being quite popular and effective these days. So, it good to go with the trend. Some software like Sparkol or Videoscribe can give the best out.

A business will get the big audience as the video content will stay there for years until you won’t remove it. The promotion goes completely free of cost.


There is a misconception among some people that Instagram is just meant for sharing selfies, pictures etc. But, it is more than that.

Instagram has a lot of potentials to showcase your product or services in front of the huge(mixed type audience).

The good part of promoting in Instagram is you don’t have to spend a lot of time. Seems to be a bit simple in terms of marketing, as you have to put just an image with some decent hashtags.

High-quality images or videos can attract the viewers. Though, a video can be uploaded to Instagram which should have the duration in between 3 to 60 seconds only. And that could be a little challenging while doing Video Marketing comparing to YouTube.

Instagram is the perfect place for businesses who deals with Food, personalities, Life Style.


Here one needs to create some boards, which is known as Pinterest boards. Saying, boards, means categories of the posts. And amongst each board, several posts could be pinned by the users.

And it can be repinned by the other users as well. Some creative images are been shared and there days Infographics too are on the trend, you will find several of them.

Now, though the promotions rely only on the visual content, so it must be eye-catching with very little text element added.

It is the best for Travel, Fashion, and Food business. In fact, it’s good for the SEO service providers as well with speaking and storytelling infographics.


Yelp is one platform where the user reviews really matter a lot to grow the business.

As the services are been related and reviewed by the customers.

So, the businesses should continuously interact with their customers and build a healthy relationship.

Below are few business categories which can be promoted in Yelp.

Best Social Media Platforms for Busines

The businesses should be very particular, giving their best as few bad reviews can dramatically change the whole setup.

But, at the same time, good reviews can make the business climb to the heights.

So the question, how can a business constantly get better reviews.

  • Offering some discount may do the job

And ask them to provide positive reviews and ratings indirectly or directly, it all depends. And they you love to do it.

Yelp is going to be a big help. Click To Tweet


It is quite a very formal platform to market your brand, Creating a business page would be a good idea.

Just like Instagram hashtag can work well in the searches. While browsing google, you might have seen the Google+ posts in the searches as well.

It means posting the description with keywords in Google+ and linking it to your website can increase the boost the searches and make you found in the search results as well.

You need to do it redirect those posts to your website so that the customer could visit it and those visits could get converted into a sale.

Apart from the B2B businesses, you could also find plenty of bloggers around. And these folks can market your products in cheaper rates by writing reviews on websites and blogs.

And they are able to rank those articles quite quickly knowing the SEO aspects.

Conclusion: The above are the best social media platforms for business to grow and reach the heights. This is how social media platforms are being so beneficial for the businesses. Marketing through social media can be really affordable and cheaper for any startups. The businesses have to continuously promote their business to get the maximum results.


8 Best Social Media Platforms for Business {Branding and More Sales}
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