What is Whatsapp Encryption

Let’s know about Encryption one of the latest features in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp security matters right, let’s understand it

What are the uses of Encryption

We can be safe with our chat messages which we exchange while chatting with our family or loved ones.

Mentioning safe indicates from the hackers if the messages are not encrypted messages can be easily intercepted by anyone especially the hackers.

These Encryption feature is being used in companies, Govt. offices etc. earlier.

Thankfully Whats App also incorporated this feature into their App. And because of the same now, all the messages can be safely exchanged without any hesitation.

Saying Encryption means only the sender and receiver of the message can read the same. No other person can intercept or hack these messages.

No one can spy on your messages, not even the WhatsApp people. Which is really cool, this is called end-to-end Encryption, which actually works on signal protocol.

This feature will only be in the updated WhatsApp version in all the platforms Android, iOS, Windows and also in Blackberry.

In case you haven’t updated the latest version of WhatsApp for a long time, the get it now from play store, this feature is available in WhatsApp 2.12.556 version or above.

Now you might be thinking that just by mentioning the latest version, how can you be sure even after installing it, your WhatsApp will be encrypted.

So yes friend it will be and we can check on the same thing and get it verified.

Once you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone if you open any member chat box to exchange a chat you will be able to see a message saying “Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which we couldn’t see earlier with the older version. Tap for more info”.

Tap on that message and click on “Learn more” link if you want to know more about it.

End to End Encryption

You can also verify this by selecting the chat from the top right corner (3 dots of WhatsApp), and click on the one of view contact, you will be able to see the same message as above there as well with a lock symbol in it.

Have a sneak in the below image for better insights.

Whatsapp Encryption, End to end encryption

Now we can be 100% sure that our chat messages are safe and can’t be viewable by anyone else who is not supposed to.

Is the Chat Encryption is also for Group Chats?

The answer is yes but in order to make the group chats also Encrypted, all the group members should have been installed the latest version of WhatsApp on their smartphone.

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