Useful Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts Keys

 Now a days because of the heavy workload we don’t have an option other than fastening up our work, here keyboard shortcut keys play an important role in our working life.

It’s being very essential to use those to Simplify our work and fasten it up. As most of us generally use google spreadsheet for our office work regularly.

Here let’s check out some shortcut keys or commands.

Useful Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts Keys

Common ActionsShortcut Keys
Select columnCtrl + Space
Select rowShift + Space
Select allCtrl + A, Ctrl + Shift + Space
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y, Ctrl + Shift + Z
FindCtrl + F
Find and replaceCtrl + H
Fill rangeCtrl + Enter
Fill downCtrl + D
Fill rightCtrl + R
Save (Every change is saved automatically in Drive)Ctrl + S (Not Required)
OpenCtrl + O
PrintCtrl + P
CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + X
PasteCtrl + V
Paste values onlyCtrl + Shift + V
Show common keyboard shortcutsCtrl + /
Insert new sheetShift + F11
Compact controlsCtrl + Shift + F
Input tools on/off
(available in spreadsheets in non-Latin languages)
Ctrl + Shift + K
Select input toolsCtrl + Alt + Shift + K


Cell FormattingShortcut Keys
BoldCtrl + B
UnderlineCtrl + U
ItalicCtrl + I
StrikethroughAlt + Shift + 5
Center alignCtrl + Shift + E
Left alignCtrl + Shift + L
Right alignCtrl + Shift + R
Apply top borderAlt + Shift + 1
Apply right borderAlt + Shift + 2
Apply bottom borderAlt + Shift + 3
Apply left borderAlt + Shift + 4
Remove bordersAlt + Shift + 6
Apply outer borderAlt + Shift + 7
Insert linkCtrl + K
Insert timeCtrl + Shift + ;
Insert dateCtrl + ;
Format as decimalCtrl + Shift + 1
Format as timeCtrl + Shift + 2
Format as dateCtrl + Shift + 3
Format as currencyCtrl + Shift + 4
Format as percentageCtrl + Shift + 5
Format as exponentCtrl + Shift + 6
Clear formattingCtrl +


Spreadsheet NavigationShortcut Keys
Move to beginning of rowHome
Move to beginning of sheetCtrl + Home
Move to end of rowEnd
Move to end of sheetCtrl + End
Scroll to active cellCtrl + Backspace
Move to next sheetCtrl + Shift + Page Down
Move to previous sheetCtrl + Shift + Page Up
Display list of sheetsAlt + Shift + K
Open hyperlinkAlt + Enter
Open ExploreAlt + Shift + X
Move focus out of spreadsheetCtrl + Alt + Shift + M
Move to quicksum(when a range of cells is selected)Alt + Shift + Q
Move focus to popup (for links, bookmarks, and images)holding Ctrl + Alt, press E then P
Open drop-down menu on filtered cellCtrl + Alt + R
Open revision historyCtrl + Alt + Shift + G
Open chat inside the spreadsheetShift + Esc
Close drawing editorShift + Esc


Notes and CommentsShortcut Keys
Insert/edit noteShift + F2
Insert/edit commentCtrl + Alt + M
Open comment discussion threadCtrl + Alt + Shift + A
Enter current commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press E then C
Move to next commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press N then C
Move to previous commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press P then C


MenusShortcut Keys
File menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + F,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + F
Edit menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + E,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + E
View menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + V,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + V
Insert menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + I,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + I
Format menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + O,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + O
Data menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + D,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + D
Tools menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + T,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + T
Form menu (present when the spreadsheet is connected to a form)Google Chrome: Alt + M,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + M
Add-ons menu (present in the new Google Sheets)Google Chrome: Alt + N,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + N
Help menuGoogle Chrome: Alt + H,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + H
Accessibility menu (present when screen reader support is enabled)in Google Chrome: Alt + A,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + A
Sheet menu (copy, delete, and other sheet actions)Alt + Shift + S
Context menuCtrl + Shift +


Insert or Delete Rows or ColumnsShortcut Keys
Insert row aboveGoogle Chrome: Alt + I, then R,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + I, then R
Insert row belowGoogle Chrome: Alt + I, then W,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + I, then W
Insert column to the leftGoogle Chrome: Alt + I, then C,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + I, then C
Insert column to the rightGoogle Chrome: Alt + I, then G,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + I, then G
Delete rowGoogle Chrome: Alt + E, then D,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + E, then D
Delete columnGoogle Chrome: Alt + E, then E,
Rest of the browsers: Alt + Shift + E, then E


FormulasShortcut Keys
Show all formulasCtrl + ~
Insert array formulaCtrl + Shift + Enter
Collapse an expanded array formulaCtrl + E
Show/hide formula help
(when entering a formula)
Shift + F1
Full/compact formula help
(when entering a formula)
Absolute/relative references
(when entering a formula)
Toggle formula result previews
(when entering a formula)
Resize formula bar
(move up or down)
Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down


Screen Reader SupportShortcut Keys
Enable screen reader supportCtrl + Alt + Z
Read columnCtrl + Alt + Shift + C
Read rowCtrl + Alt + Shift + R

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