Important Tips for Your Restaurant’s Website

It’s important to market your business for new and returning customers. By establishing a presence on the internet, you can drive traffic to your site and lead diners right through your doors.

No need to worry if you’re new to building websites. We’ve put together a simple guide with what and what not to do when you’re marketing your business. Read on and be prepared for your new venture.

Six Hot Tips for Your Restaurant Website

Restaurants website design

1. Use Graphics to Stand Out

Decorating your website doesn’t mean you have to fill every space with animations and fancy fonts. Look to your creativity to come up with a logo and a few graphics to enhance your site.

The easiest way is to gain inspiration from your current signage and present a clear copy of your menu for guests to peruse.

2. Consider Regular Blogs

Fans of your restaurant will want to know what’s new and good on the menu. A regular blog can be created easily (and usually free!) with guest writers who have knowledge of cuisine. Blog ideas can include recipes, event schedules, and updates on new specials.

3. Advance Your SEO Skills

Advanced SEO skills

The perfect website is easy to find. You should utilize SEO (search engine optimization) to fill your posts with keywords that will lead you to the top of search engine results.

Popular searches show up on websites such as Google Maps to lead diners to your area.

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4. Respond to Your Customers

Respond to customers

Many diners read reviews before visiting a new restaurant. Allow your guests to leave comments on your posts so others can read. It helps to respond personally and sometimes offer compensation if a diner had a bad experience.

Link to a social media page or contact information so your customers can chat with you in real time. You can also consider adding mobile apps for reward programs and news.

5. Make Sure Your Website Is Functional

Functional Website

Many businesses create websites and leave them as is. It’s important to update your site to include new prices and menu items.

Customers tend to complain if they’ve received wrong information that should have been updated. Consider hiring a web design team to keep things running smoothly.

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6. Work with Your Audience

The majority of your visitors will be younger with knowledge of the internet. It’s vital to keep a hip interface and not come off as too formal unless you are working at a high-end restaurant.

Look to the demographics of your area and advertise if you have catering options or take out/delivery services.

Don’t Undervalue the Importance of a Website

Although technology is relatively new for restaurant marketing, it’s generally required to grow your business. Many potential customers will search for a restaurant before spending money there. These reasons include assessing prices and finding out what to expect in the establishment.

A proper website should include all the information a diner needs and wants to see. Customer service is key, so be sure to provide valuable information with friendliness and respect.

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