How To Remove Date and Meta From WordPress Posts

Though it is not recommended to remove date from the WordPress Posts. Instead, you can modify the posts something like Last Updated on or similar. That’s because that the reader can easily know that the information is updated.

Still, there are some scenarios when you want to completely remove the meta and the date from your WordPress blog post, whatever the reason may be. It’s simple to do so.

Remove Date and Meta form WordPress Post: Method 1

Everyone is not familiar with editing codes and its, not recommended to something which you don’t know. So in this first method installing a plugin will work for you.

Install WP Meta and Date Remove Plugin for you WordPress Site. That’s all, it will remove all the dates and time including author details for your blog post. Check out the video, how simple it is.

Though you can configure it further, by playing with the settings page offered by the plugin. But, the default settings do the job and enough to remove the meta from the blog posts.

It will completely remove the metadata from the source code and apparently even search engines won’t be able to find it, which serves the purpose.

Bonus Trick: How to remove the comments date from wpDiscuz Comment Box

Remove date from WordPress Posts by adding code: Method2

Often, we don’t want to install a plugin for every small reason. As adding some codes in the theme files can also give you the result.

Though, it’s recommended to adding code to your WordPress child theme only. Because if you do so in the main WordPress theme, all the edits will vanish once the main theme is updated.

Navigate to the Theme Editor, DashboardAppearanceEditor. In Stylesheet,  custom CSS  add the below code at the bottom of the page.

entry-date { display: none; }

And to see the changes reloading the page.

If it doesn’t appear, reload it after clearing the caches and cookies from your browser.

Yay, not more meta in your blog posts.

And if you have an evergreen blog with tons of blog posts, it always recommended keeping updating. On the other hand, it’s not easier to update it regularly. In such scenario, you may only hide the date of your older posts, which can work automatically.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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