How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Console

Creating a website or blog is not that difficult, it can be done in the matter of time. But what is the point of creating it? If it won’t be found in the Google, in fact, any search engines.


If the search engine couldn’t find our pages no point of writing so much content if there is no one to read it.


I guess most of us gets frustrated because of the same initially. As we think of, despite posting so many articles, why my blog pages are not appearing in the Google?


Which is quite sensible and common question goes in the mind of every blogger, saying this by experiencing it.


Submit Website To Google Webmaster Console: Why it is Important

Due to this few of us kept on waiting for the time for our pages to be found in search engines to get at least some traffic from the search engines, and there are some who just quit blogging entirely.


Giving up has never been the solution to anything. You might have heard this from many of our elders, teachers. So I won’t be getting into the same.


I m not getting philosophical over here at all. Trust me our effort always has to pay us. If it is not paying us, then we are doing it wrong, and we need to find it.


There are plenty of ways to do a proper SEO and to be found in the search engines, then why to quit. Here we will be discussing the first step, keep reading the article as below are the few tips to get our pages found in search Engines.


How Sitemaps are useful for search Engines

Doing a proper blog or website SEO is the solution to be found in the search Engines as said above.

For Appearing in search engines, we need to do few things important things. No, we don’t have to pay anyone for this, it’s free.

You should Submit your site to search engines for getting improved results, and it must be done.

Because if we don’t submit website to Google Webmaster Console, then our pages will not be indexed and Google crawlers will fail to find those.

Here we need to understand the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and which help out Google to find our Webpages.

There is not the point of writing articles without following the SEO terms. And to do that, we need to submit our blog Sitemap into Google Webmaster Console.

Okay now here before submitting the Sitemap into Google Webmaster Console, we must understand about sitemap and how it works.


What is Sitemap: How it works

A sitemap is a file where all your blog or website content are present just like an index, Saying index means it will contain all the URL’s of your blog posts at one place. This Sitemap is in the form of an.XML file.

This will help the Google crawler to identify your blog posts all about. So here by submitting this Sitemap to Google Webmasters, we are actually allowing the search engines to find our blog and pages. That is why we create a blog or website for, isn’t it?
I guess reading the above content you had enough knowledge of sitemap. So let us see how to submit sitemap in Google webmaster console.

Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Console

Follow the below steps one by one to submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Console. Let’s move ahead and get it done.

Open Google WebMaster Search console

  • Log in with the same Gmail account, by which the blog has been created.
  • Now in this step, we will be able to find all our blogs.
  • Click on the desired blog for which your want to submit the Sitemap.
  • Now click on the “Sitemaps” button.
  • Click on Add/ Test Site Map button.
  • A blank box will open, enter “sitemap.XML” and submit it.
How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster Tool will take some time to submit all the URL’s as Sitemap, again that depends on upon the blog posts you have on the blog. Once Submitted the result can be seen on the same page. Check the below image for better insights.How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster

That’s All, now the sitemap of our blog has been submitted successfully, and will be very helpful for our pages to be found in the Google Search Engine. We should follow the same process for all our blogs on the blogger platform.

For WordPress, there is an automated plugin(Yoast) to get this done.
We have to do the submit our sitemap in other search engines as well like Bing, Yahoo etc.


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