How To Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

In this article, we are about to see how to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console. Creating a website or blog is not that difficult, it can be done in the matter of time. But what is the point of creating it? If it won’t be found in the Google, in fact, any search engines.

If the search engine couldn’t find our pages no point of writing so much content if there is no one to read it.

I guess most of us get frustrated because of the same initially. As we think of, despite posting so many articles, why my blog pages are not appearing on the Google?

Which is quite sensible and common question goes in the mind of every blogger, saying this by experiencing it.

Submit Website in Google Search Console

Follow the below steps one by one to submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Console. Let’s move ahead and get it done.

Open Google WebMaster Search console

Step 1. Log in to the same Google account, on the blog has been created.

Now here you will be able to find a blank space, where you are supposed to add your website.

Enter your website domain name, example Replace it with yours.

Google search console

Step 3. Click on Add a Property.

This will take you to the next page, where you are supposed to verify that the submitted website is yours.

Follow the simple steps given below and Click on Verify button.

Google search console

Google search console will crawl the code automatically to verify it from your website.

Now once the website gets verified we can submit the generated sitemap on Google Seach Console. Because after doing this Google bots can crawl your website with the updated web pages or posts.

Follow the below steps to do it.

Steps To Add sitemap to Google Search Console

Step 4. Now Click on the Sitemaps button.

Step 5. Click on Add/Test Site Map button.

Step 6. A blank box will open, enter sitemap.xml and Click on Submit button.

How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster Tool will take some time to submit all the URL’s and index all the pages. This depends on the number of blog posts you have on the blog. Once Submitted the result can be seen on the same page. Check the below image for better insights.How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster

That’s All, now the sitemap of your blog has been submitted successfully, and will be very helpful for your pages to be found in the Google Search Engine. You should follow the same process for all your blogs in order to submit sitemaps to Google to

You should follow the same process for all your blogs in order to submit sitemaps to Google and index those.

Sitemaps can be easily generated WordPress SEO Yoast plugin.

It’s important you have to add a sitemap to Google as well as to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc. to get traffic from all.

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