How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

Those who have YouTube channels and wants to turn their passion into money by monetizing it.

I am sure we all want to, in fact, nothing being shy in it. If you too amongst us, please keep reading to learn how to place a watermark for your videos, it’s necessary for creating a branding.

Now the question is what is YouTube watermark

The primary reason for creating watermark is branding. Branding makes an impact in front of the viewer; it resembles our seriousness and how active we will be on YouTube.

YouTuber’s want to create a unique identity for their channel in the market, and by placing a watermark helps to achieve it. As we need to stand out from the rest in the market to get noticeable.

Some of them place annotations on YouTube videos and link the same to their channel or website as well.

which is quite decent and smart strategy of making your viewers connect with you. Please go through it, that’s another article in which I had described in detail about it.

Comig back to the watermark. While viewing YouTube videos, we often notice the channel name or logo at the right bottom or the top right corner side of the video.

This will be in the form of an image(logo) or text(logo), that is called a YouTube watermark.

It will also add an interactively subscribe button along with the branding logo on the videos itself.

So that it could be much easier to the viewer to subscribe your channel as the “subscribe button” displays on the videos itself.

It will increase the “subscribers” and apparently will enhance the “views” as well, for your uploaded videos. Let’s get this thing done for our videos right now.

Create a watermark for YouTube Channel

If you have knowledge of Photoshop, you can make and customize watermark easily there. And it’s completely fine even if you don’t know Photoshop you still can make a watermark easily in few minutes only.

As we have plenty of online tools available. Logo creators sites like Cool text, Flaming text are few examples.

Let’s get started.!

Create a logo in any of the above websites mentioned. I also have shown how to build a text logo in flaming text, go through it. Once all the customization and editing has been done, Download the image to needed to apply the same as your watermark.”

Now let’s see how to get the downloaded image applied as a watermark.

Login into your YouTube channel, and now click on the right top corner at your profile picture. And then click on “Creator Studio,” and now click on the “Channel” at the left side of the YouTube template below Community Button. And now choose “Branding under “Channel.”

How To Place a YouTube Water Mark
At the right side, a window will appear, click on the Add a watermark button.
How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

It will display a window asking an Image to upload with three option into it.

The two options with the tick mark yes sign meant the image should be transparent background and with a single color for better display instead a lot of gradients.

And the image which we upload should be either in .PNG or .GIF format.

And also the file should not exceed more than 1 Mb in size, or the file won’t be acceptable and won’t be getting uploaded. Once you think that your watermark image matches all the mentioned criteria. then click on the choose file button and browse for the location for the created watermark image. Once uploaded hit thesavebutton.

How To Place a YouTube Water Mark
There will be few more customizing option displayed on the screen. These options are quite cool it asks that, when and how you want your watermark to be displayed or appear on videos. So total control of your videos will be with you. Those options are below.
Display Time
Click on the drop down and select when you want your channel watermark to appear on your uploaded video.
  • End of Video
  • Customized start time(your can mention a particular time) or,
  • Entire video.
I would recommend you to choose “Entire Video” option so that your brand will display the entire video. which you upload on YouTube and creates a good impression of your YouTube channel.

Once you are done with that, click on the update button. So that all the changes will be saved and applied.

Now your uploaded watermark will be displayed and saved, and going forward will be applied on every video you upload to YouTube. And also a subscribe button will popup, if someone hovers over the branding logo. Check the below image for better insights.How To Place a YouTube Water Mark
Channel Branding is everything for the YouTuber.!

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