How to Export WordPress Post and Pages as Word Document

You might think, do you really need to export WordPress posts into a Word Document?

WordPress users often back up their content on cloud services through plugins.

And probably also have the urge to save pages as Word or pdf document. It is a good idea to export WordPress post periodically including all the text and media content in Word Document as well besides having backups at hosting. As there is always an insecurity of content theft or WordPress site to getting hacked.

Though there are several ways to protect your WordPress site, still having a couple of backups can always keep you stress-free.

How to Export WordPress post and pages as Word document

In this article, we will be going to use a simple way to do so by using a WordPress plugin. Yes, a simple plugin does the job and saves a lot of time and you surprise to see how

How to Export WordPress Post and pages as word Document

At first, you need to install a WordPress plugin called Aspose Export to File.

Now in this plugin, it won’t start working or exporting WordPress post and pages in Word document instantly. We need to activate the plugin and Get the API Key.

We can get the API key absolutely free by signing up with the official website.

Activate the Aspose Export Plugin

Step 1. As you have already installed the plugin, now sign up to the Aspose official website

Once you have signed up, you would be able to see a login screen.

How to Export WordPress Post and pages as word Document

Step 2. Click on the Get my API key button. This will take you to the another window, where you would be able to see the App SID and App Key.

How to Export WordPress Post and pages as word Document

Now you need to copy the keys one by one and paste it in the Aspose Settings to configure it properly.

Note: According to the above image we can’t see the App Key, to reveal the key click on the lock icon. It will reveal the App Key.

Configure the Aspose Doc Exporter plugin

Step 3. Copy the App SID key and, go to settings from your WordPress Admin panel and find Aspose Doc Exporter there. Show in the image below.

How to Export WordPress Post and pages as word Document

Step 4. Paste the Aspose App SID and App Key in the given field of the Aspose Doc Exporter settings.

Make a few more given settings according to the requirement, it is basically how you would like to export posts and pages in Word document.

Show Post Date
Check the box, if you would like to export the post or page with the date on which it is been published.
Show Post Author
Check the box, if you would like to export the post or page written by the Author.
Disable Other Filters on Post Content
Check the box, if you don’t want to see the other plugins functionality.
Export Post Comments
Check the box, if you would like to export the comments as well in the doc.
Export Post File Type
Select the desired file format or file extension on which you would like to export the post and pages. Docx, Doc, odt, dot, dotx, rtf, and txt as well.
Export post Individually
Enabling this, you are asking the plugin to create files for each and every post individually in zip format

Once done all the configuration of Aspose doc Exporter, Hit the Save options button and we are all set to convert wp to word.

Export WordPress post into Word document

Step 1. Go to your posts area and select all the posts which you would like to export.

Export WordPress Post

Step 2. Choose Aspose Export to File from the drop-down and click on the Apply button.

That’s it, it will take a few minutes or seconds depending on the number of posts you want to export.

The file will be downloaded in zip format, you need to extract it to see all your posts.

Isn’t this it a cool method to export the WordPress posts, similarly we can have a WordPress post importer as well which can import word document and creates an individual post.

This helps you have already written many posts in a word document and want to import those all in WordPress.

11 thoughts on “How to Export WordPress Post and Pages as Word Document”

  1. Hello, I was looking for the solution and came across your post. You have described the steps in details, but I wonder how much this service costs. How many posts does their free plan allow to export?
    In your case, how many posts do you get from that API?
    Many thanks!

  2. How do I select the posts on other pages because as soon as i do so, it unselects from other pages? I have 1000 posts I would like to backup, but with 53 pages that’s 53 different downloads. ??

    • From the Post area, Click on the right top section Called “screen options”.

      This will open up a few options. In Pagination, input any number of the blog post you want to export through it.

      Once done, it will reload the page, and now select all the blog posts at once and select the Aspose Export file and Hit the Apply button.

  3. I did all of this and when I hit “Apply” I get the message below. Any ideas on how to help?

    502 Bad Gateway
    The server returned an invalid or incomplete response

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