How To Disable Web Notifications In Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Maxthon

Browser push notifications can be really annoying at times when we looking or browsing something really seriously. In that case it’s not a bad though at all to disable web notifications. Most of the users want to get rid of it and turn off notifications permanently.
These days most of the websites intend to show browser desktop notifications.
It’s observed most of the websites where we can shop things always wants to pop up the notifications to get connected with their visitor going further to increase the chances of sales.
Not even shopping websites, it’s trendy these days among any website so their audience can be stay tuned for their regular updates. Which actually helps out seldom.

Disable Web Notifications in Browsers

Mozilla Firefox

By default, Firefox doesn’t have such feature to directly stop the notifications, but still, the job can be done.

Step 1. Go To Firefox browser, and click on the 3 bars at the right top corner and choose “Options” from that.

Step 2. Now find the Content section, and in that, we would be able to find ” Notifications. Check the box “Do not disturb me.”

In case you want to allow notifications from any particular website then you can always manage push notifications by clicking on the ” Choose” button.

Disable Web Notifications
Step 3. Now type about:config in firefox address bar and press enter, this will open up a new window.
Step 4. Click on I accept the risk! button.
Disable Web Notifications

Step 5. Now the final step input “dom.webnotifications.enabled” in the search bar and hit enter, it will show the required fields, double-click on the value to change it to false.

And this will disable web notifications permanently in Firefox. But, unlike other browsers, you won’t be having any exceptions here to allow notification to any particular websites you would like to. Disable Web Notifications

Google Chrome

Chrome is very popular browser because of its exceptional performance and probably the most used browser around the world. In Chrome, we can quickly stop notifications for the website we would like to.

Step 1. Open Chrome and click on the 3 dots from the right top corner, and click on “settings” this will open up the settings window.

Step 2. Scroll down until you find “Advance Settings” and Click on it.

Step 3. Under Privacy section, Click on “Content Settings.”

Disable Web Notifications

Step 4. From the Content settings window, under “notifications” section check the radio button Do not allow any site to show notification.

Step 5. In case if you have already allowed few websites to show notifications, then the settings can be changed by clicking on the “Manage Exceptions” button

We can always turn on push notifications or stop those from any particular websites we like to in Chrome, unlike Firefox. As seldom it could be very useful to stay updated.

Step 6. Click on “Done” and say bye to the notifications. Disable Web Notifications


Opera is one of the browsers which is lite, fast and elegant in looks, To disable notifications in Opera,

Step 1. Open your browser and Click on the gear icon (settings) at the right corner.

Step 2. Then Click on Go to Browser Settings

Step 3. Click on “Websites” and now scroll down to find the Notifications section.

Step 4. check the radio button Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications.

Just like Chrome, we can take a control of any websites to which we allowed to show the notifications before by clicking on the Manage exceptions. There all we have to do is select the Allow or Block from the drop down list for the selected domain.

Disable Web Notifications


This browser is a continuously updated browser with newly added features. Despite the additions in its function, it is quite light and competing well with the already well established and popular browsers. That is the reason it is in the best browsers list and even on this list.

Step 1. click on the 3 bar Menu from the top right corner of the Maxthon browser, and then Settings.

Step 2. Now make sure that you are on the “Content” tab and Privacy & Content section.

Step 3. From the Notifications section check the radio button Do not allow any site to show notifications.

Like the above browsers Chrome and Opera we can allow or block few domains by clicking on the Manage exceptions button.

Disable Web Notifications

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    • I understand, Edward at times notifications can be really annoying. But actually, this browser feature helps a lot, if you wanted to get notified and updated with your favorite websites.


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