How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting: {Actual Things to Consider}

Running a WordPress site successfully seems to be easy, but it’s not that easy!

Web hosting is indeed the key component that makes a website successful. Selecting the best WordPress Hosting as per your requirements could ultimately improve SEO and increase sales as well.

Apart from bringing the resources together, you need to select the best web host for your WordPress site.

The web host you select will help you to achieve the business goals fulfilling the expectations from the online platform. It is quite a daunting task to choose the right WordPress Hosting as well as the best provider.

If you are searching for WordPress Hosting, first of all, you must learn about its different types. In this case, this article will be quite helpful for you.

You can gain insights about different WordPress Hosting solutions, the essential factors to consider and select the best web hosting solution for hosting your website!

Types of WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting

With this type of hosting, server space is shared with other customers who compete for the same resources. This is a low priced web hosting option and suitable for beginners and small websites experiencing low traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

This hosting has high defined resources and bandwidth that is capable of hosting large websites with higher traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is regarded to be reliable, as you are free to configure various security parameters, such as firewall, access, etc as per your need.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Server is a physical server that is wholly dedicated to a single customer.

No additional customers can be hosted on the Dedicated Server. Dedicated Server ensures high performance and security of the users.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting service is entirely an IT provisioning model. With this hosting service, the service provider leases several dedicated servers along with associated hardware to a client.

The entire equipment setup remains the hosting provider and is managed by the service provider.

Factors to Consider to before Choosing  a Web Host:

1. CPU Limitations

Slow server and a slow loading website would affect your page ranking on Google as well as develop situations of a constant server crash.

Evaluating the bandwidth and the disk space is essential. You must know the bandwidth that your site requires to function properly.

The CPU limits must remain higher as well as the bandwidth and disk space must remain higher if your website aims to receive higher traffic.

Thus, while selecting a WordPress Hosting platform make sure that your chosen solution will analyses the WordPress website correctly and accordingly allow disk space and bandwidth for the websites at minimal expenses.

2. Security and Encryption Technology

Security is an essential factor to be considered. Keeping the data secured is essential as well.

With the best security and encryption technology, the data is secured.

Usually, WordPress Hosting solutions provide daily backups, user authentication, and firewall.

They notify you any of the suspicious activities detected on your website. With the best security and encryption technology, the experts encrypt the files and ensure those to be secured.

The file can only be decrypted with a key, and the key can be unlocked by a password.

3. Backup

You can’t deny the fact that your website can be hacked! There are possibilities of hacking which brings your data in a risky position.

The saved data may also get deleted accidentally for which you will be responsible.

The hacked website can be restored but if the content and other data are deleted then recovering that back would be impossible. Proper backup is must for every website!

4. Customer Support Service

When it comes to web hosting, customer support is pivotal. Your WordPress site may shut down anytime unexpectedly.

You may not be able to send emails as well. You can’t prevent these errors from happening.

The best way to address such errors is by getting reliable customer support services. Always choose the WordPress Hosting platform that offers 24/7 customer support.

The representatives at customer support desk actively support you to help in solving the errors. You can seek technical assistance through live chat, phone calls or email.

5. Dedicated IP

It is essential to host your WordPress website with a dedicated IP. A dedicated IP plays the role of a unique identifier that is used for providing a valid location to the machine or a website!

Final Words on Choosing a Best Hosting Solutions

These points will help you to pick the best WordPress Hosting solution. So, if you are really willing to invest your money in getting a reliable WordPress Hosting platform, then keep the above-mentioned points into your prime consideration to take the right decision.

19 thoughts on “How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting: {Actual Things to Consider}”

  1. Hey,

    Great stuff, It’s really very difficult to choose a right hosting when you have huge options. These points are really effective and need to be in consideration to choose a WordPress hosting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. “I find your opinion quite interesting, but the other day I stumbled upon a completely different advice from another blogger, I need to think that one through, thanks for posting.”

  3. Great post, Navin. One of the biggest problems website owners or newbie bloggers are facing is the ability to identify the best hosting service. There are numerous hosting providers in the matketplace, your article is an eye openner.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Moss, yeah you are right we all faced it at a time when things are not that clear. I believe, Choosing the best hosting for the website is similarly important as writing compelling content.

      have a great day week ahead!

  4. your blogs makes me happy everyday because i always gets something new on it. Inspiring from you I have decided to start a Blog with my own website or Domain name.

    • Oh Wow, thanks for the kind words, You made my day. Glad to know you are stepping into blogging by getting inspired by questioncage

  5. Hi Navin,

    When it comes to choose the best WordPress hosting, people have lot of options that may confuse them. I like the idea of dedicated Ip as it helps to stay secure and spam free.

    It is always good to choose a reliable web hosting such as Siteground. Thanks!

    • Hi Gaurav, I agree with you certainly hosting has a lot of indirect impacts on plenty of things. It’s wise to be on the right one.

  6. Hello Naveen,

    You have well explained about hosting. i do not like to use Hostgator beacuse hostgator doesn’t have a good support. i am using cloudways and i am loving it.

    Thanks for doind hard work for hosting information.

    • Hi Divya,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, appreciate it. My opinion on Hostgator varies a bit. I found Hostgator is a quality hosting provider and their support too quite impressive even for the new and old customers. It might just be a coincidence, you haven’t faced a quality revert.


  7. I enjoy reading blog posts about web hosting. To be honest, I don’t know why. A2 Hosting, SiteGround, WPENGINE – these are my favorite web hosting companies.
    I was thinking for a long time to start a blog about web hosting niche, but I came to the conclusion that no one would be interested in reading it.
    Because choosing the best web hosting for your blog takes one day.
    What do you, think, Navin? Would you be interested in reading something interesting every day about a web hosting market?

    • Hey Alex, I do agree, when it comes to shared hosting SiteGround is the best in the market right now. WP Engine definitely offers an advanced level of plans for premium users. Though, its bit expensive so not suitable for all level of websites.

      Coming to your thought of starting a blog solely on web hosting niche – Most of the niches are really saturated and people always seek to know something new. Here the question goes to you, Do you always like to read the similar topics? No Right… With this, we can know the audience viewpoint.

      If you are only writing about web hosting, people sooner or later realizes soon or later you are blogging solely for selling affiliates. Not Good for the long run!

      That’s just my Opinion, certainly, the decision will be yours! I hope I am clear with the answer. Feel free to revert back!

      Have a great day!

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