5 Essential Factors in Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Are you thinking of how to choose a web hosting?

A significant percentage of requests to a web hosting provider is about choosing the right web hosting subscription. For a professional web hosting provider, it is imperative to ensure that it provides its clients with services related to the needs of their websites.

At the same time, it is essential for a potential customer to understand the main types of web hosting and to ensure that they choose a web hosting company able to support the needs of their business, which will provide the proper functioning of the website.

Sites like My Best Hosting Review tells you the five factors that they recommend you to take into consideration when choosing the optimal web hosting package.

How to choose a web host for your Websites

Although there are several factors involved while choosing the web hosting subscription as you hosting is a home for your website.

And I am sure you want the best shed for it, you can’t let it live anywhere. Here below are a few crucial points to consider before opting for a web hosting provider.

1. Type of Web Hosting

types of webhosting

Many kinds of hosting packages are available on the market.

To select the right one, it’s essential to determine what type of website you plan to use: a blog? A presentation website? An online store? Estimate traffic trends in at least the first three months; the more complex the website and the higher the traffic, the more you need resources and a subscription related to the resources required.

2. How Much does it cost?

Price is an essential factor in choosing a quality web hosting subscription, but it does not have to be the only or most important criterion. Selecting a cheap service to the detriment of quality can have repercussions later on in ensuring that your website (or email) works.

Generally, affordable packages lack the necessary or useful features and often the hardware is from old/outdated generations.

3. Experience of the Hosting company and the Expertise Area

Each website has its own specific needs and they may be different from other sites.

Just as not all web hosting packages are the same, neither web hosting providers have the same skills and do not offer the same types of hosting services; some providers specialize in low-priced services (e.g., shared hosting), while others specialize in complex solutions (e.g., dedicated servers, cloud, etc.).

To decide on the right web hosting package, determine the needs of your website and contact an experienced web hosting company, to find out what the hosting service is to your site. Read More here.

4. What does a Web hosting subscription include?

Once you have determined what the technical requirements are, analyze what is included in the web hosting subscriptions.

Determine what each offers in addition to competition – ex. SEO tools, free SSL certificates – in many cases you can reduce costs, improve the performance or get better search engine indexation by choosing a more “comprehensive” subscription.

Relevant Read: How To Add SSL Certificate To WordPress Website – {CloudFlare}

In the selection process, you also keep in mind elements such as:

  • Location of the data center
  • Is Data Backup included?
  • Is there a bonus for migrating from another hosting provider?
  • Are there discounts on prepayment of the service?

5. Scalability of the Hosting service

Try to analyze the evolution of your site for at least the next three months.

Take into account traffic peaks and determine what options are in such situations: your web hosting provider can provide hosting solutions with higher resources – virtual servers or dedicated servers?

Keep in mind that migrating from one provider to another requires time and resources and avoid companies that cannot support your business as it grows.

Scale cloud hosting

If your website is built on a popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, choose a specialized WordPress hosting service that offers you high performance and resources.

Also, check the web hosting security features provided by the hosting provider and even the possibility to get specialized technical support for issues that concern not only the hosting platform but also the maintenance or development of the site.

Let’s talk about Cloud Hosting

Appearing as an alternative to classic hosting, cloud services provide web hosting for virtual servers based on an extensive network of physical servers.

They are available to customers as a service and not as a product, making them comparable to utilities such as water, gas or electricity.

In free translation, the customer does not buy “server space” but uses a service, a percentage depending on the needs of his site. Customers who choose the cloud will only pay for what they consume.

The difference between traditional hosting systems is that it hosts web pages on multiple servers.

If for the ideal solutions, the site was hosted on a single server (whether shared or dedicated), the cloud infrastructure server network all contributes to host each page.

Often, different pages of the same website are hosted in different Data Centers. Thus, Cloud hosting has become an extension of what industry people have called a “cluster of servers.”

Here is an infographic from Mediavine to put some more lights, to choose the right web hosting for your websites.

how to choose web hosting infographic
Source: Mediavine

Our Hosting Recommendations

  • Site Ground – Powerful and Robust Security Features Involved
  • Kinsta – Cloud Hosting provider, suitable for high traffic website
  • WPEngine – Managed WordPress Hosting, premium services and includes 35+ StudioPress Themes.

I am pretty much sure you had already made a choice after going through the article above and able to know how to choose a web host. Is that right?  So, where are your hosting your next website?

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