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Have you finally planned to switch to HTTP to HTTPS, and put a green Padlock next to your domain name. If Yes? then you are at the right place here we are about to see how to add SSL Certificate to WordPress website.

It’s been quite important to protect your WordPress site, all you need is an SSL certificate. Everyone likes to see a green Padlock on the URL.

Getting an SSL certificate was a big pain, as one has to purchase an SSL certificate and need to spend money continuously on that, which was not affordable for the small business or an individual blogger.

But fortunately, Cloudflare offers it completely free. Which made it convenient for all the startups and new bloggers. Few hosting companies also offer it, some for free and for others you need to pay a few bucks which can be accessed and activated from the CPanel.

Why is SSL Certificate required?

SSL is an Encryption method of all the data which are being pushed into the web. We all know that Google is making changes continuously in their algorithm. Which is quite beneficial from the user perspective.

The site which has SSL installed are being considered as a safe, and also one of the factors for ranking the pages to the upper level now.

And obviously, other things like quality content, On Page and OffPage SEO also comes into the picture. But installing an SSL certificate can increase the search engine rankings. Which updated by Google as HTTPS as a ranking signal.

As seen above installing an SSL certificate will increase the search engine rankings, in fact, readers too want to get into a safe site only.

And Moreover, you can keep away the hackers from your website to an extent. Then one should not avoid and apply SSL security to their website.

And reading above points it makes sense to install an SSL in WordPress site. It is not too tricky, probably just a little patience would be required. And moreover, it would be done once for a website only. So, it is worth spending a few minutes on it.

How to Add SSL Certificate to WordPress Website using CloudFlare

As mentioned above Cloudflare offers free SSL, so let’s get started without any hesitation.

Create a Cloudflare account, which is really easy, just as you signup for creating other accounts.

Once you are done creating an account and filling up all the details. Now let’s move on and add a site into it.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 1. A box will prompt, asking for to Add a website. Enter the domain name and hit the Scan DNS Records button.

It will take a few seconds and it will extract all the records for the domain.

Step 2. Once you could see those, click on Continue

Now this will show all the DNS records of the domain and be asking you to verify those.

Step 3. Scroll down the page and hit the Continue button once again.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 4. In the next section, it will show CloudFlare plan options free website, pro website and business website. Since we are opting for the free one, so select Free website.

Now the last step of this section, you need to update the nameservers. It will show you two name servers which need to be replaced from the domain registrar account.

Change Name Servers of your Domain

Step 6. Login to your domain registrar account.

Step 7. Click on Manage domains, where all your domain will be located at one place. Find the one on which you want to install an SSL Certificate and click on it.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 7. Now Click on Manage DNS, you will find two name servers over there.

Step 8. Click on Change, and replace those with the Cloudflare Name Servers.

Step 9. Once changed, Hit the Save Button. Cloudflare will take some time to make the changes in the name servers,  activate and verify your website.

Step 10. Head towards the Cloudflare account and click on Continue.

Now You would be able to find a few options at the top.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 11. Click on Crypto option.

Step 12.  From the SSL Certificate and choose Flexible from the dropdown.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Wait for a while, as Cloudflare will take just a few minutes, to make it active. And once activated it will turn into the green color with a text “Active Certificate” as shown in the image.

Once it is active, now it’s time to head towards our WordPress dashboard and install some plugins. If you are not sure how to install a plugin in WordPress go through this.

Install SSL Plugins in WordPress

Now you are supposed to install an important plugin to activate The Cloudflare SSL Certificate and also it will help in redirections.

Step 1. Look for Cloudflare flexible SSL plugin, then install and activate the same. You don’t have to make any configuration to this plugin.

This one helps out integrating the SSL Certificate on your WordPress website.

Step 2. Install WordPress HTTPS and Activate it.

Setup WordPress HTTPS settings

Step 1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate towards the HTTPS option which got activate after installing WordPress HTTPS Plugin.

Now you would be able to find plenty of option on the right side,

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 2. Enable “Yes” from the Proxy section, as shown in the image.

Step 3. Click on Save Changes.

Now you are supposed to add Page Rules in CloudFlare so that the HTTPS certificate could get applied to all the pages. And make your WordPress website fully activated with HTTPS.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 4. Go back to your Cloudflare account, and click on page rules tab as shown in the image.

Step 5. Click on “Create Page Rule“.

Step 6. Now input your site URL in the required given field, and make sure it’s in between the asterisks. and keep the Order settings as “First.” Just show as in the image below.

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 7. And hit the Save and Deploy button.

Now you are supposed to change the URL in WordPress as well

WordPress Site Address (URL) Settings

I promise this is the last procedure and we will be done.

Step 1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate towards the Settings > General

How to add SSL Certificate to WordPress

Step 2. Change the Site Address from HTTP:// to Https://

Check out the image for better insights.

Now your site is ready and enjoy using https on your WordPress site for free and make it secure for your readers. Thanks to Cloudflare, which made it possible, that even small sites could be used as an SSL certificate.

Make yourself and your visitors safe. Do let us know if you have successfully activated an SSL certificate on your WordPress site, in the comment section below.

And also if you are facing any issue installing it, I will be happy to assist you with that.

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  1. Hi!


    I have Domain with GoDaddy and hosting with A2hosting. I have connected domain with hosting through DNS change. I want to install Cloudflare SSL on the website.

    If I’ll change DNS for SSL, then what effect on the website. The Domain will connect with hosting or not? That’s my problem.

    Please help me…


    • Hi Jitendra. Yes, you connect. As you create an account a Cloudflare, they will provide Nameservers, which you need to replace in the Domain registrar. Feel free, if you have further questions.

  2. Hey Navin Rao,

    Great post with helpful tips to add SSL certificate to wordpress website. SSL certificate is very much necessary for websites, whereas the websites with installed SSL are considered as safe, and also improves the page ranking. I really like the steps that you have listed for performing several operations. Your all the listed tips are easy to understand and follow, whereas following these tips will be a great helping hand for many users.

    Really helpful and Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  3. Hi
    I made every step perfectly to add ssl but at the end when i go to Setting-General, my http url is hidden. I cant edit to https. What to do?

  4. Hey,

    Thank you for sharing this awesome information with us!!!
    You always write some very interesting topics that give boosts to the reader. Thanks for sharing this article as this is what I m looking earlier.
    I personally like Blogging and Online Course as a viable option to me. And I am inspired by your blog. If it comes to me I’ll give my entire credit to you the only sir …

  5. Yes cloudflare do offers an SSL service, but these days cPanel by default also issues SSL for all cPanel accounts, unless the features is disabled by server administrator.

  6. Very good stuff Navin. I will tweet this to my 51,000 followers because folks need to get on the SSL bandwagon. The wave of the future, for sure. My developer handled this process for my site. Gotta have it to gain the trust of your readers, to secure things and to play with the blogging big dawgs.


    • Glad to see here Ryan, and thanks for your kind words and sharing with your followers. And Yes, everyone should have an SSL installed on their website.. 🙂


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