For Beginners: How To Create A Blog Using Blogger 2016

Blogging is trending these days and being quite familiar. We read a lot of articles a day while browsing to get required information over the internet. And we become delighted when we solution for the same. It happens only because someone has shared their knowledge by putting it into an article.
The blogs can be written on various topics which we are interested in. Ahh.! just a moment, let me correct myself..!! So not just interested in something, in fact, we should choose a topic which we love the most. As continuing, something for a longer period can only be possible if we love the topic.
So thinking of starting a new blog on a subject which you like the most. Awesome…!! Great choice.. go ahead and share the knowledge you got, and moreover, we can also earn few bucks by monetizing it.
So now the question where to start, how to start..isn’t? We have plenty of Blogging platforms., Blogger, are the most popular ones. is the self-hosted one, so most of the new bloggers start their blogging career or hobby with as its free to start with. We can create a blog in just steps and-and free of cost, without any investment into it, So why not to start it.
I hope you have chosen your blog topic, so let us get into the process to start a blog step by step in detail.

Create a Blog using

Here we will get into a step by step process of creating a blog in blogger.
1. Login into with your Gmail login credentials.

2. Once logged in to the blogger, we will be able to see the blogger clean and simple dashboard.

3. Click on the Create New Blog ButtonCreate A Blog Using Blogger
4. Once clicked on the Create New Blog Button, one more window will popup asking for 
Title of the Blog – We can choose a suitable title for your blog, which is going to appear at the top of the blog (Below the URL box). This would be quite important as it describes your blog in a few words in the very first impression.
Blog Address – we have to be little careful over here while choosing a blog address, as this is the address which gets converts into a URL for our blog. People will be able to access your blog with the same URL.
For Instance – My blog name is question cage, so if we enter it the address can be seen like “”. One thing which we have to keep in mind that every blog has a unique web address.
And Off course, we can change that domain later, if we wish to, we can buy any custom domain from any domain sites, like GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap and more, though it’s not compulsory. But it would be recommended to purchase a domain if you want to monetize it.
Choose Template – In the Template section, we can choose any template we want to, blogger has some collection of predefined templates. Selection any template from the collection you like.
Click on “Create blog button” to create your first blog.Create A Blog Using Blogger
5. Once clicked on Create blog Button, it will take us to another window. check the image below for better insights. Here your can see the blog name which we have entered in the earlier window.

Now we are ready to go, we can start posting now by clicking on the “New Post” button. As clicking on the new post button it will take us to another window, where we can compose our post.
Create A Blog Using Blogger
6. Now in the Compose window, we can start writing our article on our desired topic in a proper order.
Create a post Title – it should be well thought, so that the viewer could find it interesting and wants to read the article, as in the homepage of the blog only titles gets visible of all our posts. If the user finds the title interesting then they might click on it for reading the entire article.
Formatting OptionsThere will be all the formatting options to make our content of the post much richer, it is just like as we create an email. In fact, more than that, we can change the font size, Text formatting, creating links (hyperlinks) to the text, adding images, adding videos, bullets and more.
I have created a small post to show, how we can do it. Check the Image below for better understanding. It would be fun to create a post if you love the topic your are writing.
For Some more suggestions on what topic to choose, I found some Most Popular Blogging Topics this might help you to make your mind.
Create A Blog Using Blogger
Once the post has been created we need to publish it, so that it could be visible to the entire world. That is what we want to right? Our knowledge should be shared among all. In order to do that Hit the publish button.
Once published it will take us to the previous page where we have started creating a post. Check out the below image that the post which we had submitted a while ago is visible in the post column now “This is My first Blog Post“.blogger Post
hurray…!!! our very first post has been published…..!!
7. Now it’s time to add some menu option to our blog. Menus can be added for a proper page navigation so that a user can navigate all the pages easily to view the posts.
Let us see how to get this done.
. From the Blogger Dashboard, navigate to the “Layout”, and now below to the header in the Cross-Column
. Click on Add a Gadget Create A Blog Using Blogger
8. Once clicked on “Add To Gadget“, a window will popup.
9. Scroll in a bit and Choose “Pages” and click on + icon next to it.Create A Blog Using Blogger
10. A window will Pop Up, asking for configure page list, here we can add the required number of menus which we can to see in the blog by click on +Add external link.
Check the below image for better insights.Blogger Pages
11. As clicked on the +Add external Link, a window will popup asking for creating a 
. Page Title – Here we can add the page will appear in the menu.
. Web Address – Here we can add the URL of the page so that if the user clicks on that menu they will be redirected to the page of which URL is. We can add any external or internal link in that. Do check the below image for better understanding.Create A Blog Using Blogger
12. It can be seen in the below image that we have two external pages apart from the Home menu which will be created by default. “Tutorials” and “video Tutorials” are the two pages which can be seen. You can add any of your choices.
13. Click on the Save button, and we are done. with a creation of our basic blog.
Create A Blog Using Blogger
14. Now the next step is to check the output of our blog and in order to do that click on the View Blog button from the Blogger Dashboard.
We can see an example blog page in the below image. This is a basic and default template of the blog. You can choose plenty of templates online. If you want to change the look of your blog completely. 
Create A Blog Using Blogger

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