Dropbox the Best Cloud Storage: Everything You Need To Know About

DropBox is one of the best cloud storage application, along with Google Drive about which I have explained already in my previous article.

All the files can be stored in one place and can be seen from multiple devices in Dropbox, from anywhere on the go. Whatever files we store on the device will automatically be synced all the time to the other devices as well, either Desktop, Laptop, Tabs or smartphones.

Best cloud storage: Automatic Backup in Drop Box

The moment a picture is being clicked or a video is being filmed it automatically backs up all the data in the drop box.

So that you don’t have to make an effort on storing it by using cables and to transfer the data, thankfully those days are gone.

In fact, the files which got accidentally deleted from DropBox it will be in there for next 30 days in the history. And we can restore it anytime during that period. Isn’t sounds cool?

Sharing Files – For an instance, we use to have a lot of photographs, video of our tour, so that can be shared with your friends and family as well. We can share our happy moments. Simply by storing those files into Dropbox.

Dropbox best cloud storage

Extracting the sharing link is quite simple. Just need to click on “share” button, it will open up a window, and then click on the copy link button to extract the link and that can be shared with anyone over email, over chat messengers, etc.

Work files can also be shared with your colleagues so that if someone edits those files on request or requirement. And a notification will be received by the owner. So it makes the work procedure easy and saves a lot of time as well.
Dropbox best cloud storage

Syncing devices in Dropbox

An auto sync option seems to be a very useful in Dropbox, as we don’t have to keep on uploading files to another device, Once any actions being performed on one device automatically it will be synced to all the devices.

And if you are having concerns about the security, so files are going to be completely safe in the Dropbox. It protects the data while sharing and also provide the two-step verification feature. So that we have the complete control on our files.

In this case, the content which you have in your Drop Box will be entirely safe and secure. It will be stored on the Dropbox servers, and there is no chance at all the data to getting misused.

As being a Dropbox user since five years, I can proudly say it. It is one of the safest and best cloud storage services after Google Drive. So if your Google Drive storage is up and Dropbox could be the best option.

It is definitely worth giving a try, and do let me know about your experience on the same via comments.

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