How to Quickly Create Logo in Flaming Text

Logos are important for any company or YouTube channels, as branding is everything.

We have plenty of online image editing tools available for making our work get quickly.

Among all the online logo creators tools, here in this article, we will be discussing the flaming text.

It’s really cool and has a lot of basic effects to make a logo get done in some simple and easier steps with premade designs.

Create a logo with Flaming Text

Let’s directly get started into this.

Open your browser and search for www.flamingtext.in you will be able to see plenty of predefined logos here with well designed and great effects.

Choose one of them by clicking on it which you like and you think could be suitable for your Youtube channel.

Once you click on it will take you to a new page, which will be containing some customizing options for creating the same.

We can change the color as well of the same by getting into the next tab “Logo”.
Let’s see how the customization could be done for creating a logo.

Customize your Logo Font

Text – Here we can add some text and customize the same with various editing options provided below.

Logo text: You can add text here (anything you would like to) and the same will be applied and be visible above the bar with the chosen effect for the logo instantly. You can choose one of the coolest ones for your coolest channel or company. 🙂

Font Size: Font size can be changed for the logo according to your requirement, you can input some number or can use the slider as well to increase or decrease the input text.

Font: There will be plenty of standard quality fonts available in the font section. You can play around with those and select for the appropriate one amongst.

flaming text

Create an outline of the logo

Logo – Here we will be editing the outlook of the text. It has a few customization options, let us see them.

Fill – There will be three good options provided for this.

Color – In the color section, choose any single color you like to put on the logo.

Pattern – In this section you can apply any of the provided patterns to the text or logo. And the same pattern will be applied to the text inner part with a different colored stroke in it, even that can be customized. Keep reading to find out the same below.

Gradient – Gradient is a two-colored mixture, which merges very seamlessly. We can apply the gradient’s as well on the logo or text.

Outline – An outline is nothing but a stroke which gets applied to the outer area of the text, which brings on a lot of depth to the logo. We can input any number in the outline section or use the slider to increase or decrease the outline (stroke) size.

We can also have color, pattern and gradient effect to apply on the text outline as above this time, not for the text, but for the outlines of the text which also called as “stroke.”

Outline 2 Size – We can apply one more outline for the outline (stroke). It means double outlines for the same text entered. Sounds cool, isn’t it..!!!

I have quickly created a small example of the same below. We can see logo appears with grey color text and the “Outline” in yellow color and the “Outline 2” in black color.

Again we also will be having color, pattern and gradient effect to apply on the text outline 2 as well.

Example – Flaming Text Embossed Effect

Curve Highlight –  I found curve highlight is one of the coolest options in this. It provides a glossy effect to the text at the edges, and the text looks more appealing.

Why I said it as the coolest option because on other offline editing tools it takes a few extra minutes to provide this effect. Here it is very quicker and easier, in fact just a click away.

Shadow- In the shadow section we can add a reflection to the text which will enhance the look of the text and also add some depth to it. Let’s have a glance on few of them. As of now, the shadow effect is a premium feature.

We have to pay a few bucks for getting it activated. But though it’s not that compulsory to use the same.

Type Here it asks, what kind of shadow we want to apply for the text.

Add effects to the Logo to beautify it

1. NoneThis option will not add any shadow to the text. So there is no point of choosing this if you want to apply the shadow. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like X OffsetY Offset, blur, and opacity.

2. Drop –  If we select Drop shadow, then a shadow will come under the text, which will enhance the look and will be eye-catching. we can adjust the parameters of the effect like X OffsetY Offset, blur, shadow color (Opacity, X OffsetY Offset, blur ).

3. Reflection – This will add a reflection to the added text, just like a mirror effect. Putting into simple words on applying this option the same text will appear below it as a duplicate or mirror down below with a bit of transparency applied. which will look cool. we can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Opacity, Tilt X, Fade Height(%), Scale Y(%), X Offset, Y Offset, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

4. Glow This will add a glow effect to the text. It will be shiny from the edge of the text. In other words, it will add some luminous effect to the text. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Color, Size, Feather, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

5. Normal It will add a very basic shadow to the text, with flat color and smooth edges.

Personally, I don’t like this effect at all. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Color, Feather, Opacity, Tilt X, Scale Y(%), X Offset, Y Offset, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

6. Self – Applying this will add a self (text) shadow to it.

Change the Background of the Logo

Back Ground – We can apply any background to the applied text. Either we can make it transparent, or we can also apply some color, or some pattern (can be chosen amongst the available ones), or gradient(as explained earlier two-color blends well seamlessly). Sunburst (it will create a sun ray coming out of the text).

I would recommend making it transparent if you are creating it for a logo. So that the logo should blend with any kind of background web template.

Image – This is the final stage of the customization of the text, and we can customize the image output here. Here we can mention the size of the image. we can fix a particular size of the image (width, height).

Crop the image in the Flaming Text Editor

We can crop the image as well by using Auto crop option. And finally the “File Format” png, jpeg, gif, xcf (FT Gimp Native Format). You can choose any of them according to our requirement.

I would recommend choosing PNG if you are creating it for the logo and want to make the background transparent of the text.

Once all the settings have been provided and editing has been done, Download the image to apply the same as your “logo” or “watermark” for YouTube.

That’s all folks. Let me know if this article was helpful to create a quick logo in the comment section below.

And if you want to create the high-quality logo you can follow this tutorial – Create Professional Logos for your Website with DesignEvo

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