How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL for Security

Have a website on WordPress?

Then definitely you have to be little extra attentive and should change WP-Admin URL immediately.

WordPress Security should always be the priority, and we have discussed this in our before articles.

There are plenty of ways a hacker could attempt to hack your site.

At the same time, there are several ways to protect your WordPress site from several attacks like Brute Force and DDoS attacks as well.

Are you serious about your blog content and hard work goes into creating it?

If the answer is yes, read on and follow the simple steps to enhance the security level.


To make your WordPress site secure you can change WordPress username, Setup a Two-factor Authentication and more.

But, here we will improve the security to the further level and add an extra layer by changing WordPress Admin login URL itself.

I was intending about to change that default your-domain-name/wp-admin, which is very common for many websites or blogs and that makes it non-working for yours. Isn’t it?

Why Change WordPress login URL Immediately?

Now, this won’t be a rocket science for hackers to guess the login URL, if you haven’t changed it yet. Just your domain name and WP-Admin could be easily added to the URL.

And rest is just accessing the username and password.

Though, it’s not simple, if you have a stronger password. But, why to take chance by not adding that extra layer of protection.

So, how about making a custom WP-Admin login URL for your site?

Which should not be guessable at all.

Sounds Good? Let’s do it!

Change WP-Admin URL for Improve Security

By doing some simple steps, we will be able to change WordPress Admin URL with an ease.

The WordPress login slug should be always changed and customized to enhance the security.

Change WordPress Admin Login URL

Step 1. Install and activate Custom Login URL Plugin. You may also check the guide to install and activate WordPress plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, you can access and change WP-login URL, below permalinks section.

Step 2. Navigate SettingsPermalinks, and scroll down to see the Authentication Permalinks section.

You will find several sections there, Login URL, Registration URL, Lost Password URL, Logout URL, Redirect URL’s as well.

Change WordPress Admin Login URL

You can setup all according to your preference. But, in this case, you need just the Login URL to be changed.

Step 3. In the Login URL section, you can input anything you would like to.

But, make sure it should be unique so that no one could guess it. And obviously, that is your primary reason for changing the WP- Login URL. Isn’t it?

And that is the primary reason we are changing the WP- Login URL. Isn’t it?

If you are scratching your head to decide a username, you can take help of few username generator tools.

Step 4. After entering the username, Click on Save Changes.

Logout and re-login to your WordPress website to see the changes in the URL.

That’s it, you are done by changing with the WordPress Admin URL permanently.

A serious WordPress Website creator should not delay more and change WP-Admin URL right away and secure all your data.

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4 thoughts on “How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL for Security”

  1. Hi Navin,
    Securing our blog is the first and most important thing. And surely we must not be having Wp-admin, but instead, we should have different login URL.
    The plugin you have shared is really good.
    Thanks for the share Bro.

    • Hi Robin, Changing the website login URL would be really wise and every webmaster should definitely do it. It extends the security level.

      Thanks for stepping in and leaving your feedback on the same. 🙂

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