8 Best HootSuite Alternatives For Social Media Agencies To Be Explored

Are you digging for some great Hootsuite alternatives?

You are at the right place!

In this article, we are going to see best social Media Management tools and why they are are standing out from the rest.

Social media platforms are the biggest sources for content marketing, to drive traffic and boost sales. And that’s because of the loyal audience being active all the time.

And it makes it the first choice for Content marketers and Social Media Agencies. However, choosing the best social media platform for your business also plays an important role.

Once you have chosen suitable and performing social media platforms, create your profiles and fan pages for branding.

It can be a very tedious task to keep sharing content at your audience’s active time. And this is where social media management tools come into existence for simplifying the whole process.

Best Hoosuite Alternatives for Social Media Agencies

In this post, we will explore the best Hootsuite alternatives…

Sprout Social

SproutSocial is another powerful social media tool which makes managing social easy.

It is designed in such a way that social media agencies team members can interact with the various clients to get their feedback instantly through the dashboard.

Sprout Special Message

  • Extensive dashboard
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Easy brand monitoring
  • Image editing

It supports social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin. All the content can be managed and monitored with ease from the dashboard.

Sprout Special Analytics

It can provide analytics and reports of all the social profiles. They are easily shareable with the client in the real time.

The user-friendly dashboard helps to extract the data and share the content with minimum effort.



This new social media management software, SMhack, has been creating a buzz amongst social media agencies and digital marketers.

Schedule Content SmHack

SMhack is one of the very powerful social media management software with many advanced and robust features.

Its clean user interface makes it more lovable. And that itself makes the whole process of managing the social media accounts much simpler.

Easy sharing and engagement with the posts responses help to increase the brand trust among the followers.


You can use this software for the below-listed functions

  • Content publishing and scheduling
  • Social inbox
  • Workflow management
  • Competitor tracking
  • White label reports
  • Stunning visual reports
  • Task management
  • Slack and Bitly integrations
  • Unlimited users
  • Content library


The in-built analytics will give you in-depth information on the performance of your posts and content as well. This will help social media agencies to prepare their own social media strategy.


SMhack has great potential to take your business to the next level in the market. And that’s the reason these days it has been the first choice of social media agencies. It is highly affordable without compromises on the advanced features.



Scheduling your articles can be made much simpler with Buffer social media management tool.

You can add a number of posts or articles to your social media accounts automatically and also precisely on a particular date and time.

Buffer Scheduling

That stated, you only need to understand your target audience’s active time and share content at those specific times.

Buffer is one of the more popular social media management software and a good HootSuite alternative.
A few attractive features in Buffer include,

  • Easy sharing
  • Clean dashboard
  • Browser extension
  • Website feed integration
  • Easily schedule your posts

Adding social profiles Buffer

Content can be shared in all the most and wide social channels. Create a social media campaigns and monitoring it through the Analytics.

A detailed statistics will help rot make or change the Social media strategies.



SocialOomph is a simple yet effective social media monitoring and management tool software. All the content can be shared in lesser time. The tool allows you to choose your targeted audience to get more business and scale it.


It could be a perfect choice for social media agencies as multiple clients can be handled with just a single tool. SocialOomph allows for easy interaction with the client and proper engagement.

  • Monitor all your social media activities
  • Easily schedule your posts
  • Target relevant audience

All the popular social media can be integrated with Social Oomph like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, RSS feeds, Plurk etc.



Sprinklr lets all the employees of social media agencies collaborate and engage with the clients in real-time.

It also allows sharing detailed reports of their social media strategies.


When it comes to monitoring, it is one of the unique social media examiners. It is a perfect solution for any business to create and market their brand.

It makes social marketing simple and makes the advertising better. Some of its features includes,

  • Email Support
  • Best CRM
  • Detailed Analytics



Sendible is another social media management software whose quality speaks for itself.

It has incredible and flexible features to manage all your social media accounts and campaigns. And these all can be done with very minimal efforts. Its user-friendly interface makes it outstanding.


Some of its features include

  • Clean dashboard
  • Easy sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Easily engage with the audience
  • In-depth analytics
  • Direct emails to the client from the dashboard.

Sendible can generate an in-depth report of many of the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and more.


All the social data can be produced for a proper analysis and help to work accordingly for better results. These reports can also be created with amazing graphics for a proper presentation to impress the client.


Social Pilot

This is one of the affordable social media marketing and management tool for agencies. Just like other tools, all major social media platforms are being supported like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

audience_growth_facebook-social pilot

Powerful analytics shows great reports with attractive visuals. Scheduling the content can be easier and tweets can also be scheduled for the bulk.

Its calendar feature lets you view all your scheduled posts in one place.

calendar-manage-post-social pilot

A few highlighted features are.

  • Bulk tweet scheduling
  • Custom Facebook branding
  • Link shortening
  • Content suggestions
  • Feeds

The whole team can easily collaborate with this tool and multiple client data can be easily managed with SocialPilot.


Send Social Media

Send Social Media allows to create social media campaign quickly. It shows reports on the same page with graphics. It supports several social media platforms and social bookmarking sites. This makes content sharing easy and simple.

Some of its features include,

  • Detailed reports
  • Analytics
  • RSS auto poster
  • Social media monitoring
  • Email auto-responders
  • Messaging

emails-management-send-social media

It makes the social media monitoring very easy. Great in-built email feature supports major email providers like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail.com and Yahoo Mail as well. It also notifies and makes some content suggestions according to the platforms and audience.


Conclusion on Social Media Management Tools

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup, social media agency or a blogger, you will have several pieces of content to share. Doing this manually could not be possible. At the same time, it’s crucial to constantly monitor all the social media campaigns created for your clients. The above mentioned social media management tools are great options to choose from.

So, which one do you use and found to be the best hoot suite alternative?

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Thanks for adding SMhack in this list. Really appreciate it!

Team SMhack

Dan Moren

Well written, detailed article.. I see some new names is the list sounds impressive and definitely worth trying!


Hi, landed to this post via Twitter, I have my hands, on all the popular tools. Sendible and sprout special worked for me.

Chery Schmidt

Oh My what a fantastic share Navin! I had no idea that there were so many alternatives to Hootsuite! Of course i have heard of a few of them, such as Social Oomph, but no idea about all the features!

Great job!
Thank You
Chery :))

Marquita Herald

I’ve used Hootsuite, Buffer and Social Oomph but the others on your list are new to me. I had no idea there were so many options. I’m going to take a closer look at these, thanks!

Elise Cohen Ho

I have tried several of these. At the moment I am exploring Smarter Queue.

Joy Healey

A useful list of alternatives to HootSuite. Some I have tried but there were several new to me that I’ll investigate. I’m currently using Buffer which I like for many things, but doesn’t completely satisfy what I’m looking to do.

Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Kathryn Maclean

Hi Navin, Great alternative social media tools info. I have tried a few of those you mentioned. Buffer, Social Oomph, and Tailwind. There are lots as you specified. Currently using others than you mentioned. Interesting post.

Monika Sharma

Hi Navin Rao,

A nice article about HootSuite Alternatives for Social Media, HootSuite has become a important in Social media but sometime HootSuite don’t work on or show errors so this these are the best & good Alternatives For Social Media !

Shafi Khan

Till now I have used Buffer and Sendible and both worked great.

Thanks for sharing even more alternatives.

pushpendra saini

Good Post, Very HelpFull.
Thanks For Sharing


Hey Navin very nice and informative article you shared. Found few more new alternatives to hootsuite.

Laura Smith

The article was fantastic and typically new to me too. I’m going to research this topic some more clearly and get all these features. Thanks for sharing

pushpendra singh

Great…!! nice article, Thank you so much for sharing this. Great, you came up with more HootSuite alternatives.


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