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Navin Rao: Founder of Question Cage

I am a blogger who dedicates on some of my time to blogging. Yeah, you heard it right, only a few hours.

I live in Hyderabad, born and grown up in Kolkata, India. I always have a desire for learning new things and get help. I know we all do 🙂

Hence, makes sense, and we should be open to learn and teach from anyone to everyone. Every individual can make you learn a lot, and we should be open for it.

"Every Unopened box is a Mystery, we can not afford to underestimate anyone"

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Agreed? If you nodded your head to say yes, So Always a good listener…!

"A Good Listener is always a good learner"

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How Do I Get Into Blogging

I read a lot of articles throughout the web. One fine day, I was searching for something on Google for a solution, and that landed me on a quality blog.

As I too found a blog searching such kind of query. And for doing that nothing could be better than the web.

I always have a desire to learn new things and educate my acquired knowledge.

To share the acquired knowledge, blogging could be the best platform for me in fact, for anyone.

I got my question answered over there and impressed the way the solution is being described.

I was thoroughly delighted reading that article, as I got what I was looking after almost half an hour.

Finally problem-solved!Navin Rao-QuestionCage

I explored the entire blog and got inspired and thought of why shouldn’t I create my blog. And share my knowledge in it.

Then I started researching throughout the web, exploring plenty of Blogs and Articles. And every blog teaches me something about the blogging.

And got inspired by a couple of bloggers and wanted to start blogging. But It took some time for me as due to entirely occupied at my workplace, and I was not able to initiate blogging and write some useful articles. On a fine day generally while talking with a few people, I realized, that’s life. This is how it would be, and we can never be free for anything.

Then I focused myself on it and finally started. This blog is being precisely started in September 2016 and my first blog. Hopefully, some more to come. 🙂


About Question Cage

Question Cage is all about knowledge sharing and creating some awareness on some of the interesting topics like technology and digitization.

Topics will be covered on several Softwares and the Internet. Precisely the categories shared here How-To Guides, WordPressSocial Media, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Make Money Online and some fundamental aspects to simplify our daily work procedures at offices.

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