9 Best Ways To Earn Money Online: Simple ideas Which Works!

I am sure you landed on this post to know how to earn money online and you might have already tried a few.

And that might not be worked, or you not found those interesting. There are Plenty of ways to earn money online.

Online is full of opportunities, but yes all are not worth trying.

Because they don’t work and I am saying it after experiencing. After going through such downs, anyone could have some misconceptions that one could make money online.

Here we are going to share a few good ones, which actually works efficiently.

Few have been tried by me and friends as well according to the individual interests.

These will give you a decent outcome, of course, money, if you do it in a right way. But I would recommend, Don’t do something which you are not interested in at all.

As you won’t find it interesting and resulting you might quit sooner or later, so it would be a complete wastage of your valuable time. And that is a huge investment we can make anywhere.

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Everyone is good at something, so we are listing a few options below, and I am sure you could definitely find one of them interesting, which you could do for a long time wholeheartedly.

Let us get into this and take a closer look at all the options.

Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Domain Flipping

Earn money by domain buying and selling is being very popular, as the efforts are minimal.

Anyone can do that apart from working on their regular jobs.

It is just like being investing in a business and earning while doing your rest of the activities. All you have to do it buy domains and put it into the auction.

Best ways to earn money online

Though some expenses involved in buying domain names. But it’s quite affordable for anyone.

There are plenty of websites where we can buy domain names at an affordable price like

  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • BigRock and much more.

Where we can easily buy domains names with minimum investment.In some

In some cases, you have to spend more on the expired domains, but those can be easily sold on the higher price as those domains are old so it will be having enough authority known as DA(Domain Authority).

It takes just a few minutes to purchase a domain. And you will be the owner of that domain for minimum one year.

Though there are some risks involved in it, as there is no guarantee that someone likes to purchase the domain name which you have parked for selling.

Here our skills come into the picture, always buy a domain name, which other could be interested in for buying in the future.

So While purchasing a domain, you should have the intent of a businessman.

For Instance – facebook.com, just assume if you had bought this domain earlier.

What could be the profit one could be made already. As such companies could be ready to pay any price to get that domain.

For your information, facebook*com has bought the domain from someone for a very higher price.

Here is the list of some domains which sold at high prices

If you have gone through that list, just assume what a huge profit the seller made already out of it. Apparently, some risk will always be involved in earning some money.

You should select a domain name which should be trendy, new, simple, short so that you can get buyers easily for it.

Here some creative skills required while thinking of a good and exciting domain name. We can get some idea by browsing the internet.

Just type domain name ideas and you would be able to see a few websites which can suggest a domain name if you are about to purchase the new domains.

There are chances that the good names have already been registered. But still, there would be a lot of domains which might not.

Stay focused and select the unique domain name. Or go for the expired domains as well, would be easy to sell, as mentioned above it will be having authority.

But, yes you might need to pay more to grab it comparatively buying the new ones.


Blogging is awesome! If you like to write stories or poems, How To Guides, Travelling, cooking, in fact, anything which you are best at.

You can create a blog, and it’s absolutely free by using,

If you want to create a professional blog you must use WordPress. Create a blog on free blogging sites to try it on and when u get some idea of it.. then think about paid sites subsequently.

We need to make sure one thing that the content has a high quality and unique. Only if the content is good enough people will like to read it and will see ads on the blog.

We have to link the blog with Adsense to get paid a commission for the views and clicks on the advertisement banner we put on our blog.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is also very popular. We can put Affiliate links or banners on our website or blog. This is the click-based income generator.

If someone clicks on the add or link which has an affiliate link with it and eventually purchases something you will get some commission out of it. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Yes, the investment here is also almost nothing. Only your time.

We need to have a website or a blog It is strongly recommended to have our own domain name, which we can get quite quickly with tiny investment and should have a good traffic on the website or blog.

It is very obvious that to get some traffic it will take some time. As the blog and website should reach to the readers.

We can monetize the traffic on your site, but you will need to register for an affiliate banner. We can partner and get affiliate links from websites such as,

Writing E-Book

Most of the people have the hobby of writing stories, poems, etc. If that is the case, then the written content can we self-published as an e-book and sold it online.

E book


These writing skills can make a real profit to us. If you don’t believe it, give a try. Most of the writers are earning through it. In fact, we don’t have to make a lot of investment to do so.

If you are looking for giving a try for free, then start writing with MS-Word and convert that file online into .pdf. an e-book will be ready in a few minutes.

Publishing e-book on sites like Amazon makes the process more quick and easy. Nowadays writers usually give their first e-book free online so that could reach out to all the readers.

And to get a lot of downloads and good reviews, once they get good reviews on Amazon they won’t be providing it for free from the next time.

The readers gain some confidence in the author, and they do not hesitate to buy the e-book going forward. This is one of the great advertising skill.


Millions of people are earning money using their talent becoming a freelancer even being in their regular jobs.

Photographer, writer, marketer, video Editor, translator, there are several to make money as a freelancer, There are plenty of sites where you can get into to find work

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr and more

These kinds of sites will help out to make money in your free time.

Sign up procedures are free on these sites and require no investment at all. But, Goodwill is quite necessary for these sites to get enough work. You can probably create a portfolio website for yourself and store all the past awesome works to getting work instantly.

Goodwill for a business is built by good goods, service and truthful advertising. - E.R.WaiteClick To Tweet

Delivering the work on time makes the client feel jubilant which results in good ratings and positive comments on our profile. Goodwill will not come overnight.

So initially, we have to keep the price bit low to get enough work and create a good standard for your profile, as we don’t have a good rating and experience yet.

As we kept on deliver good work and receive good reviews and ratings from the clients which result in the popularity to increase in such platforms.

When you realize that you have already created a decent reputation in the field, then we can start quoting higher for the next projects.

And the client will pay happily paying you after looking at the ratings and reviews you get from the earlier clients.

Selling Goods Online

We can sell products online, whether its old are new ones on some e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. are popular amongst all in India.

For selling goods, we need to register as a seller on these online marketplaces.

If you are selling old goods, then there would not be any investment. However, if you are Selling New goods might have to invest some money to purchase the goods.

You may need to give your identity card and complete verification process to register as a seller.

But now the question arises in our mind is why someone will purchase goods from us online?

The buyers should be attracted to the products which we are selling online. For that good generating reviews by selling good products at reasonable prices could be the only solution.

It might take some time to get a good rating and good reviews from the customers. Patience will be the key here. Advertising our products on other websites will enhance our sale.

Millions of people are selling goods on such e-commerce sites daily and earn enough money legally, we are not the only one who is thinking of the same.

Click Photos and Sell

Selling photos online is also quite popular these days. A lot of us have a hobby of taking photographs. Then why not to earn some money from it, Let it be our profession too.

If we are able to take good pictures, then we can sell them online at sites such as Shutter Stock, GraphicStock, istockphoto etc.

If we talk about the investment, all we need is a camera which can take HD (High Definition) photos, having DSLR cameras are being too common these days.

We can upload our photos from the picture library and monetize our image library, this doesn’t take too much time. Steps are quite easy. Once we register at the above sites, we can understand it quite easily.

There are plenty of people who like to buy the photographs to laminate it and decorate it on their wall.

And many more purposes are there to buy. So we can get a buyer easily if the pictures are good enough. Listing photos on reputed sites can make a good income out of it.

Online Tuitions

Sharing our knowledge could make good money for us.

We all are good at something, So why not that knowledge to be a medium of the profit and earn while being at home. Just required a computer with a webcam, with the help of a few software’s you can teach online,

  • Webex,
  • GoToWebinar is good options for online tuition.

These are not expensive at all, spending a few bucks gives you all the features of the software. Skype or yahoo messenger can also be a great option if you are looking for a free one.

I personally recommend Skype.

It is incredibly easy to set them up, and you can start taking online tuition in a short time.

And earning good and decent money. Teaching like painting, yoga, guitarists, fitness training and much more…. whatever we are good at.

People love to take online tuition as they hesitate going out after being too busy with the schedules.

9. Upload Videos on YouTube

Creating and uploading videos on YouTube can make some money.

Videos should contain some unique content and be interesting too so that it can attract the viewers. Like if you sing well then record videos of your own.

Tutorials and solving some technical issues videos are also being very popular on YouTube.

Link them with Google Adsense once we get enough viewers and make money from the uploaded videos for each and every view.

We can record the video from your video camera. mobile phone or computers. Making a slide show in the presentation document and converting them into videos later can also be a good way.

The video content should be edited properly so that the viewers find it interesting.

We can do that online or offline, there are plenty of freeware tools available for doing the same.

We have to keep some patience after uploading videos to get enough views or traffic.

Some people become stars overnight, while for others it can take some time. But good content is always appreciated by people.

Do Let us know which one you are opting for, as all are worth trying. Or if you are looking for some other option.

Share it in the comment section below, as you can encourage some other readers as well to make Make online

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