13 Best Tech Blogs: What Makes them the Best?

Technology is getting very advanced. Every day comes out with something new, a lot of creativity and innovations goes on around the globe and you would be able to know it if you are following best tech websites.

A lot of searches took place with tech related queries. Blogs are being the real big help for people worldwide to find out the solution for their tech related issues.

Technology can be divided into several categories. Though there are several blogs out there in various categories, the below list contains some best Tech Blogs.

Here we will see few popular and extremely informative some best tech websites which I prefer to go through often. And I am sure you would be loving those too, once you go through those as these keeps you updated.

Best Tech Blogs

I love to read these blogs most of the time, as these keep me updated in Technology world. Most of the below-listed blogs contain lots of how-to guides and latest technology news.
best tech blogs

Tech Crunch

It is Second Largest blog after HuffingtonPost. This is an awesome destination where one could find all the tech related information. News, Video Reviews on latest news gadgets. all related to tech articles found here.

This is one of the best tech websites and a total time killer for tech savvies. No words for this, as it is already quite well popular amongst techies.

Visit Tech Crunch

best tech blogs


There are several Tech-related well-described articles you would be able to find on this blog, which could be very helpful for anyone. And articles are being updated every day in a huge number.

It is a platform where all How To guides can be seen and one can learn from those. All the topics are well explained with the screenshots and it is an incredible learning destination.

As the domain name itself describes the website very well. And if you’re someone like me, you would love it.
Visit How-To Geek best tech blogs


Mashable is a den of information, fully loaded. Anyone can spend hours of time on this website.

As it discusses news, entertainment, Technology related articles, how-to guides, Gadget Reviews, Lifestyle, Business, Social Media, shopping, almost everything. What else we need from a website.
Visit Mashable best tech blogs


MakeUse of makes the searches quite easy, as most of the things can be found at one place. And when I said most of, it includes everything which related to PC or Mobile, reviews, How To Guides on Windows. Shop, Gaming, Social Media, Entertainment and what not. It could be one of the best hubs for the tech lovers.
Visit MakeUseOf best tech blogs


Life Wire is one of my favorites, we could find articles here on various topics related to technology. Moreover, you can get a buying section as well like the above websites.

Where all the products have been reviewed in detail. And one can consider reading those before making a purchase. Android, TV, Gaming Tech news are being discussed on this website.
Visit Lifewire best tech blogs


It has an immense popularity amongst tech blogs. There are several categories articles written here. You can find plenty of Gadget reviews, news, web, game, science and more.

All the latest news too posted over here, so if someone wants to be updated what’s going around, Signup to the newsletters.
Visit TheVerge

best tech blogs


Tech Radar is one of the popular ones, amongst the techies. Just like the above websites they too write about the latest Tech news, How To Guides, Phone , Pc and all the Gadget Reviews.

The style of reviewing them made them one of the popular blogs. If you are looking to buy something and want to get a proper feedback or get it reviewed to make up your mind, whether to purchase it of not, then you must visit the website.
Visit Tech Radar best tech blogs


Just like above websites, all the tech news could be firstly found over here. Entertainment, Culture, science and Games categories which can be found here. Moreover, the domain name itself resembles that you could find something related gadgets as well. If you thought so, then you are right.

Detailed gadget reviews with ratings help you out to pick the right product you would like to purchase. So if you are planning any gadget this is the place to check the unbiased reviews.
Visit Engadget best tech blogs


ZDNet is founded in 1991, more than two decades past from now. This website will keep you informed about all the new technologies going on globally.

Having so many articles, still, the website is light and quick while browsing.

Visit ZDNet best tech blogs


Once of the leading blog coming to the Technology Niche. All the latest and trendy news are published without stopping.

You could also find some quality How To Guides and Gadget Reviews. Informative area if you want to be updated and learn about Technology.
Visit TheNextWeb best tech blogs


It is another name which receives immense web traffic daily. It has a unique and simple design but very informative. Several topics are being discussed in Wired.com.

Like Business, Culture, Science, Security and more. Some unbiased reviews with rating as well. It’s a great place to hang out and learn more as possible.
Visit Wired best tech blogs

Digital Inspiration

This is the website from anyone can get inspired a lot, It’s completely based on the How-To Guides, and it is the first Indian Technology Blog.

We can find explanations on the tools and Add-ons which are designed by the blog creator (Amit Agarwal) himself. It can ease your daily work, and it is being maintained by only him.

There are no more contributors. Still, you can find 4000+ articles, which is really incredible.
Visit Digital Inspiration

best tech blogs


It is kind of an IT Magazine, where all the tech related news can be found. Like Hardware, Software, Cloud, Security, the Internet, Operating Systems, news and more. The list is quite a long, better to visit this blog to explore more.
Visit Computer World

Above list of the blogs is our personal favorite in order, which we visit regularly to be updated.
Do Let us know, your favorite ones.. and which you prefer to visit along with these in the comments section below.

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