Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2017

While choosing a template, the primary requirement, it should be SEO friendly, should load fast with decent looks. So let us look into the templates which fulfill all these requirements.


This is one of the coolest looking blogger templates, it good for a blog and has a landing page too, which looks very professional.
Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2017

 Ads Ready
. High CTR
. Fast Loading
. Email subscription widget
. Featured posts
. Recent Posts
. Popular posts
. 3 columns Footer
. Touch Slider
. multi drop down menu
. Social links
. Social Sharing counter
Designed By: Templateism


This template looks very clean and soothing, perfect for a personal, fashion, Magazine blogs. In fact, it called as a multipurpose template.
Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2017
Source: Vol Themes

. SEO Friendly
. High CTR
. Ads Ready
. Fast Loading
. 2 columns
. 1 Right sidebar
. 3 columns footer
. Tabbed widget
. Social Bookmark Icons
. Vertical Drop-down Menu
. Comment Option attached
Designed By: Vol Themes


Phantom is the fast loading template with 3 columns, completely SEO Optimized and Ads ready. Looks simple yet gives the High CTR.
Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2017
Source: Arlina Design

. SEO Friendly
. Fully Responsive
. High CTR
. Ads Ready
. Jet Fast Loading
. 3 Columns
. 4 columns footer
. Tabbed widget
. Social Bookmark Icons
. Comment Option attached
. Dynamic Heading
. Custom 404 Error page

Designed By: Arlina Design


Move One is designed by Harman Singh Hira, A decent looking template with some great widgets. Gives the good CTR and completely Ads Ready. Professional header enhances its look.
. SEO Friendly
. High CTR
. Ads Ready
. Fully Optimized
. Responsive
. Featured Widgets
. Social Icons
. Customized Popular Post Widget
. 2 column Layout
. User-Friendly Admin Panel
. No Footer Widgets
. Custom 404 Error page

Designed By: Harman Singh Hira


Its is one of the responsive design, loads very fast and gives the high CTR. User-friendly with decent colors, which can be changed easily. Maya has a decent Looking Social sharing Icons.
. Responsive Design
. Fully SEO Optimized
. Recent Posts Slider
. Easy Admin Panel
. Drop down menu
. Social Icons
. Unlimited Colors
. Bread Crumbs
. Search Box
. Related Posts
. Facebook Comment
. Social Share Buttons
. Subscribe Box
Designed By: MS Design
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How To Disable Web Notifications In Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Maxthon

Browser push notifications can be really annoying at times when we looking or browsing something really seriously. Most of the users want to get rid of it and turn off notifications permanently.
These days most of the websites intend to show browser desktop notifications.

It's observed most of the websites where we can shop things always wants to pop up the notifications to get connected with their visitor going further to increase the chances of sales.

Not even shopping websites, it's trendy these days amongst any website so their audience can be stay tuned for their regular updates. Which actually helps out seldom.

Disable Web Notifications in Browsers

Mozilla Firefox

By default, Firefox doesn't have such feature to directly stop the notifications, but still, the job can be done.

1. Go To Firefox browser, and click on the 3 bars at the right top corner and choose "Options" from that.

2. Now find the "Content" section, and in that, we would be able to find "Notifications." Check the box "Do not disturb me."

In case you want to allow notifications from any particular website then you can always manage push notifications by clicking on the "Choose" button.

Mozilla settings

3. Now type "about:config" in firefox address bar and press enter, this will open up a new window.
4. Click on "I accept the risk!" button.

Disable Notifications

5. Now the final step input "dom.webnotifications.enabled" in the search bar and hit enter, it will show the required fields, double-click on the value to change it to "false."

And this will disable web notifications permanently in Firefox. But, unlike other browsers, you won't be having any exceptions here to allow notification to any particular websites you would like to.

firefox Notifications

Google Chrome

Chrome is very popular browser because of its exceptional performance and probably the most used browser around the world. In Chrome, we can quickly stop notifications for the website we would like to.

1. Open Chrome and click on the 3 dots from the right top corner, and click on "settings" this will open up the settings window.
2. Scroll down until you find "Advance Settings" and Click on it.
3. Under Privacy section, Click on "Content Settings."

Disable Notification in Chrome

4. From the Content settings window, under "notifications" section check the radio button "Do not allow any site to show notification."
5. In case if you have already allowed few websites to show notifications, then the settings can be changed by clicking on the "Manage Exceptions" button.

We can always turn on push notifications or stop those from any particular websites we like to in Chrome, unlike Firefox. As seldom it could be very useful to stay updated.
6. Click on "Done" and say bye to the notifications.

Disable Notification in Chrome


Opera is one of the browsers which is lite, fast and elegant in looks, To disable notifications in Opera,

1. Open your browser and Click on the gear icon (settings) at the right corner.
2. Then Click on "Go to Browser Settings"
3. Click on "Websites" and now scroll down to find the Notifications section.
4. check the radio button "Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications."

Just like Chrome, we can take a control of any websites to which we allowed to show the notifications before by clicking on the "Manage exceptions." There all we have to do is select the "Allow" or "Block" from the drop down list for the selected domain.

Disable Notifications From Websites


This browser is a continuously updated browser with newly added features. Despite the additions in its function, it is quite light and competing well with the already well established and popular browsers. That is the reason it is in the best browsers list and even on this list.

1. click on the 3 bar "Menu" from the top right corner of the Maxthon browser, and then "Settings."
2. Now make sure that you are on the "Content" tab and "Privacy & Content" section.
3. From the Notifications section check the radio button "Do not allow any site to show notifications."

Like the above browsers Chrome and Opera we can allow or block few domains by clicking on the "Manage exceptions" button.

Disable Notifications From Websites

How To Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

Drop Down list in Spreadsheet looks more professional. And it helps out to input some data quickly. Good Spreadsheet has an option called "data Validation" which allows us to create a decent dropdown.

Google Sheets drop down list can be set up to manage and enter a lot of data with ease. It can also be useful to avoid spelling mistakes in the sheets so that discrepancy in the final calculation can be ignored. We can use a drop down to track a lot of things, example a status of your work, whether completed, Ongoing or even rejected. Which can be instantly updated.

Google Sheets drop down looks trendy and the metrics can be 
maintained effortlessly when you are working with a huge number of team.

Create a Drop down List in Google Sheets

1. Login into your Google Drive and open a Spreadsheet on which you would like to create a drop down menu.
For an instance, I had taken a spreadsheet and entered some random data.

2. Enter some data in the next column "H" which you want to be shown in the drop down menu. Go through the below image for better insights. (You can add this data to another sheet as well if you don't want to show that information or even hiding that column is possible, here I had added in the same sheet just for the demo).

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

3. Now make the selection where you want the drop down to be created (Refer below image selected Column "B")
4. Go To Data >> Data Validation from the menu to create Google sheets drop down, it can also be accessed by right click on the selected area.

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

4. A pop-window will appear now, asking for some details.

Cell Range: It is basically the range of where the dropdown will be created (leave it the same as it is) as we already made the selection before.

Criteria: There would be some categories in the criteria in drop down list, List from a range, List of items, number, text, data, custom formula. We can select any one of them according to our requirement.

5. Here we are going to create a dropdown list with the selected range, so select the first option "List from the range."

6. Now Enter the range H2: H in the range column, with the data from which we want to create the drop down list in B column. (Select data range button can also be used to auto select the data, click and drag the desired column fields)

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

"By selecting H2:H, we had selected the entire column, just in case going forward if we want to add some more data in the same column, which will be automatically get included in the drop down list. We should do it just to avoid going through this process again and again.

7. Click on "Save" Button.

8. Now you will be able to see the drop down list created for the selected area with the same data or names we have entered.

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

The coolest thing, as mentioned above, when ever we add some data in the H column, same will be reflected in the drop down list.

Check for the below image for better insights earlier Olivia and Sophia names were not there, as we have added in the H column it automatically can be seen in the drop down list as well.

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets

Manual Process To Create Google Sheet Drop Down List

By choosing "List of items" from the Criteria category we can manually enter the names or any other information by separating with commas for creating drop down list.

Disadvantages creating a drop down manually - Every time you want to add the data you have to go through the data validation process for the selected columns.

Create A Drop down List In Google Sheets
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How To Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

How to block inappropriate websites on Google Chrome? This is a very common question of every parent. As we all know every question has an answer. Enable parental control and get rid of worrying.

Parental Control is an inbuilt feature of Google Chrome, which to block inappropriate websites for kids or any other users you wish to who uses the same machine. Enabling a family filter on is always a good option to go with.

Monitoring the kids can be much easier with the parental control settings, which is also called as "Supervised Users" in Google Chrome.

In one of the earlier article, we had already discussed on one of the methods of blocking some websites in Windows, which is also an inbuilt feature of windows and can be applied without using any third party application.

Setup Google Account For Child: Create New Supervised Users

You can add as many as supervised users in Chrome, whom you want to control with your parental account. If you are not sure how to create supervised users in Google Chrome, then you must go through this article.

I am sure you have already created some Supervised Users, and now it's time to manage and restrict them by enabling parental control settings.

Login into the parental account, before managing the supervised users.

Manage Supervised Users

Let us get into and start restricting and monitor the Supervised Users account, let us initiate the process.

You can go to you Browser settings and scroll down until you could find "People" section or just click on here to get there to access the Supervised user's Dashboard.
  •  Here you will be able to see all the supervised users.
  • "Turn On" the notifications, so that you could get to know about the activities of supervised users.
  • Click on the "Manage" to restrict the websites you want to
Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

Block Inappropriate websites on Google Chrome

Once clicked on the above Manage button, a window will pop up as "Manage Permissions." This is the central area where we can restrict all the websites, and we think the kids are addicted to it and uses more often.

For instance, in the below image you can see that I had blocked few favorite social websites just as an example. Your requirement or you might want something else.

It is as simple as that, just need to enter the website name and click on "OK" button.

Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

So now I am sure that you have already entered all the websites which you don't want to seen by your kids while studying.

Once performing the above action, the parent account has successfully configured with the restricted websites, and we are all set to manage the supervised users.

Now Let us see how it actually works for the supervised users(Probably kids).

Family Filter On For Supervised Users

Now the drama starts once you block the websites, even though if the supervised users tries to login into the websites they want to, the result will be as shown in the below image.

And along with the error message Oops! you need permission to access this page, there will be also an option to ask permission as wellThey can always hit the "Ask permission" button.
Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

Manage Supervised Users: Approve / Deny

So just in case if the supervised users ask for the permission of any particular website to access by hitting the "Ask Permission", the parental account will be getting a notification on the same. Check out the below image as an example for which website they want to access. Choose an option which you want to.

Supervised users

Activate The Child Lock Before Signing Out

For instance, we are done with our work, and the other supervised users (kids) want to use the computer now, so instead of closing the browser directly, you should go to the parental account and Click on "Exit and Child lock".

This will sign off your account and immediately activate the child lock feature and restrict the other users according to the above settings done.
Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

Disable Guest Browsing

In case you have already applied the Child lock by following above steps and signed off from your account. But still there will be an option of Guest Browsing, your supervised user may try the guest browsing as well.

So, in this case, your all effort of blocking sites went wrong. As anyone web sites can be accessed by the Guest Browsing option.

No need to worry at all, we can always disable the Guest browsing option before exiting from the parental account by hitting "Exit and Child Lock" option. 

Access the users area from the settings as shown below.
Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

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How To Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

One Google Account is not being sufficient for anyone, we all have to work with multiple Google email accounts at the same time and required to keep on switch Gmail accounts.

And it is not that simple to kept on switch accounts because you can not use multiple Gmail accounts in one browser.

So in such case either you have to use a couple of browsers, or you have to open the another account in the incognito mode. And that's again not that convenient as kept on Sign in with different Google account sometimes goes very painful if you have multiple Google email accounts.

As we use Google Chrome very often because of its features (Extensions) and fast loading, so let us see how to do account switching with multiple Gmail accounts in one browser itself. This Google Chrome feature makes the life much easier.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

Manage Google Account easily -
  • Click on the browser right top corner on your name, it will show some options and 
  • Click on the gear icon (Manage people)
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome
  • A window will appear, click on Add person.
  • It will take you the next dialog box, provide a person name in that field.
  • We could be able to see one more checkbox "Supervise this person to control and view the websites they visit from your Google Account," this is to manage other account users which is an interesting feature, that is another detailed article. Let it unchecked if you use all the accounts yourself.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome
  • Once the "username" entered, Click on Save Button. It will open a new window.
  • Now, here we have to provide the new Gmail login credentials, which we want to use along with the primary Gmail account.
That's it, now you will be able to see one more window with the other Gmail account.
You can add many Google accounts following the same process with ease.

How To Manage Google Account More Than Two

Now if few Google Accounts are added, then you would be able to see plenty of browser window at your taskbar, we can switch accounts by clicking on the respective window.

In case if it looks confusing to identify the right window, there is one much easier way to switch accounts.

  • Click on the right top corner, as we did to add accounts, but this time you will be able to see all Google new user accounts. Have a glance on the below image for better insights.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome
  • Now to switch between the accounts, click on the respective user, and you will be taken to that Google account. In the same way, you can switch to all your Google accounts. Isn't it cool?
Managing multiple Google account can be easier that this. Would like to hear from you, how helpful this Google Chrome feature was.
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How To Password Protect Google Sheet

There are plenty of data which we store online, as we want to access the information on the go. No wonder we all do that, instead of writing the information on a piece of paper and carrying with us.
And that is completely fine, as it is online and the account is password protected so no one else would be able to access it. Does that you think?

But the important thing on which we need to put some light over here, the Gmail, Google Docs etc. where we save all the important information, like some bank usernames, passwords, our social account login credentials, bank account numbers, PAN no. and so on. 

In this scenario, Google Docs Security is one of the priority. Don't you think the same, if yes let us dive in and see how to we should do it.

Password Protect Google Sheet

How Secure Is Google Docs

Question arises? Off-course its safe, but why not to add some extra protection like put a password on a file or encrypt google spreadsheet, don't you think so?

Because there is always a loophole, just assume, Google Docs where we store such data and that account is signed in on your mobile or any other device, which we always want to, unfortunately, it got lost or got into hands of some untrusted person and who might be accessing the information from it, So, in this case, our data is safe?.. off course not...!!

Data protection is always the priority for anyone..!!
The question is how to protect Google Sheet ..?

Password Protect Google Sheet

Assigning a password to the file, or even encrypt that data will definitely solve out the problem and make the Google Docs more secure, does it sounds cool..!!

Encryption is something which we should always do with the sensitive data. So that even if the untrusted person accesses your devices, they will not be able to read the data without a password. As after encryption, it won't be readable at all. Excited...then let us get into the process of encrypt Google Sheet.
Encrypt Google Spreadsheet: Put a Password on a file
As by default, we do not have such option to Encrypt the data, but thanks to who have made it possible. Let us see how.

Step1. Login to you Google Drive Account and Open a Spreadsheet,  as mentioned above here by default you won't be able to see any encryption option in Google Docs. The menu will be looking like the below image. 

Password Protect Google Sheet

So now though we want to encrypt Google Spreadsheet, so we need some obvious option or some script which adds some extra protection to the sheet. So here is the copy of Spreadsheet, which adds some code in the script editor, and allows one more menu to get added, to encrypt Google spreadsheet and make it password protect files.

So click on this, and make a copy if it, as we want to be the owner of the spreadsheet which we want to protect.

Now once opened the file, it will add one more menu "Protect File." If you can see that, we are ready to go to step2.

Step2. Now input your data in the sheet, which you want to protect, and 
Click on Protect File - Encrypt file And then Click on Continue, to Authorize it.

Password Protect Google Sheet

  • Click on allow and grant the permission and script to access your Gmail account.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step3. Now a small pop-up will be asking for the password which you want to assign for that spreadsheet to encrypt it. Assign a strong password and make sure you remember it.

Once done you will be able to see your data like the below image which won't be readable at all. So now your data is entirely encrypted.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step4. If you want to see the data back again, then again go back to "Protect File" menu and click on "Decrypt File" and enter the same password which you have entered while encrypting the Google Spreadsheet.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step5. Once entered the password you will be able to see your protected data back again as shown in the below image. Bingo ..wasn't that simple...!!!

Password Protect Google Sheet

How cool is that as we have a password to our account as well as the password for some critical spreadsheets. In this way, we can be sure that our data is 100% protected in all the devices.
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