Create Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet To Send Mass Emails

Mail Merge Gmail is one of the coolest Add-on I have used so far. The reason I am saying this because it allows you to send emails directly through the Google Spreadsheets.

Can you believe it, Google spreadsheet which is most easier to use, and very user-friendly and now it will be allowing to send emails as well with the help if the Mail Merge add-on. How does that happen..? Let see that…!

Create Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

Generally, Mail Merge feature is not available in Gmail by default. Fortunately, this Add-on is created by “Digital Inspiration“, which is being very useful and we can get it from Google Chrome Webstore.

So here we have a chance to use mail merge with Google Docs directly, which will be much quicker and will have a full control over your sent emails. If you are new into this and don’t know how to get external Add-ons for google Spreadsheet, then this is for you.

Send Mass Email in Gmail

It allows to send mass email with Gmail in just a few clicks, which is very useful for those who send emails daily to multiple people, and this will be going to save some extra time and one can be more productive. All the Bulk emails can be sent in one click, and moreover, you can personalize the body content and attachments to any specific recipient.

Multiple Gmail Contacts can be added to the Google Spreadsheet by using this Mail Merge add-on by creating a group of Gmail Contacts, so it is always a better idea to import the group of contacts in just a few clicks, instead of a copy – paste job.

Now Let us get into action and get this job done and create Mail Merge in Gmail with Google Spreadsheet.

1. Login To you Gmail.
2. Navigate towards your Contact Section, and create a group of those recipients whom you want to send mass emails. Check out the below image for better insights.Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

3. Now though we have already created a group in Gmail, Open a New Google Spreadsheet from Google Drive.
4. Now we need to install the add-on, here is the add-on created by CTRLQ. Go through that link and click on install. This will create Mail Merge add-on for your Google Spreadsheet.
5. Click on “Create Merge Template”, this will create a Mail Merge Template in your Google Spreadsheet.
6. Now click on the Add-ons menu and the “Import Google contacts”.
Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet
7. This will Open a Dialog Box, from where we can import the contacts, select the group which we have created as a group in Gmail few mins back.
Mail Merge Gmail

8. Now this will import all your contacts in the Google Spreadsheet just in a blink.

9. Though our contacts are already imported, so now its turn of add some attachments, which we want to send in the email to any recipients. Good thing is, it is not compulsory to send the same attachments to all the recipients. Attachments could vary for all the users. All we have to do is copy a link of the file in the section of that particular recipient. Or there is also a simple way to do this. 

Select Add-on – Mail Merge with Attachments – Add File Attachments

Now we will be having three options to import the attachment, select one from where you want to import the files.

10. Now the next section is Schedule Section, here we can schedule the emails we want to send, just by mentioning a day and time, though it is not compulsory if you want to send the emails instantly after composing the email.

11. Now it is time to send the Email, In order to do that let us compose an email by again going back to the 

Add-on menu – Mail Merge with Attachments – Configure Mail Merge.

A dialog box will open, there we can add some CC and BCC as well if required.Mail Merge gmail

As you can see in the above image we send emails to 45 recipients with a free version and in order to send more 250 emails per day, we need to upgrade to the premium.

12. Click on Continue.
13. It will take you the next dialog box where you have to compose the email body and few details.Mail Merge

14. Once done by composing the email, Click on “Run Mail Merge” to send the emails to all the recipients, it will just take few seconds and Bingo all the emails sent to the recipients.

You will also be also to see the confirmation message in the Google Spreadsheet.Mail merge gmail

As we can see in the image, the Mail Merge Status, the sent date and sent time.


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