How To Add Annotations In Youtube

YouTube is being a common part of our daily life. As we use to watch several of useful videos on a daily basis which enhances our knowledge on the required subject. So now the question is from where all these videos come from, who uploads it.

Actually, there are several individuals who do it. Some of the people share their personal and memorable videos so that they can view it anytime and refresh their moments in future.

And some does it to earn money from YouTube by monetizing it, by creating some of their own videos, like tutorials, reviewing some products, sharing their knowledge on tools etc. And for them, branding their YouTube channel to get more and more viewers is very important which is very obvious, as views can generate their revenue.

And for getting constant views subscribers plays the key role, as after subscribing to a YouTube channel, the subscribers get notification of every video which the channel (user) uploads. 

As subscribers play an essential part for YouTuber's. YouTube has already created a default subscribe button below the Title of the video. Which helps out subscribing the channel. We can also create a subscribe button along with water mark for branding the channel.

How To Add Annotations In Youtube

So here we will be looking at how can we create or add Annotation or subscribe button on the playing video so that it will redirect the viewer to your channel, someone else's channel, some related videos, website or anywhere we link the button to.

This works really great and helpful, and it's kind of YouTube marketing without paying a penny, which sounds very cool.

Annotations help out the YouTuber's to showcase their work on multiple YouTube videos. made by them. As it makes much easier and noticeable to the viewer to check out other videos quickly and also access your channel and explores it, and if they like the videos they can easily subscribe as well to stay tuned what the channel uploads going forward.

How To Add Annotations In Youtube

So here Annotations feature made the search easier for the viewers and also been very useful for the YouTuber's to generate more revenue from the views. Now I hope this all clarifies what annotations all about. 
Now let's see how to get it done.

1. Click on the right top corner of YouTube on your channel picture.

2. Click on "Creator Studio", then Channel Dashboard will open.

3. Click on "Video Manager".
Annotations In Youtube
4. On the right side, you will be able to see all the videos uploaded by you, Choose one of the videos and Click on Edit.

5. From the drop down, Click on "End Screen and Annotations", a window will appear.

 Annotations In Youtube
6. Now Pause the Playing Video, so that it should not distract.

Step 1: Click on "Annotations" Tab.

Step 2: Then, click on +Add annotation, and choose Note,

Step 3: You will be able to see a small patch got added on the screen.

Step 4: Add some Text on the Text box, for and instance "Click to Subscribe" or your channel name, any other title of the related video, on whatever you want the annotations to be linked with.

Step 5: Here the font size, font color, Button color can be customized and also timing (start time and the end time) can be specified when you want your annotations to appear, again that depends on you completely what you choose.

I recommend keep the font size 16, Font color white would be appropriate, and the button color red or yellow would be visible properly on the videos and will be eye catchy for the viewer. In the Timing section, it's better your annotations to appear around last 30 seconds of your video so that it should not annoy the viewer.

 Annotations In Youtube

Step 6: Now the next step is assigning links to the annotations so that it should redirect respectively. This is the main part of this annotations tutorial.

Below the Start time and End Time field, you will be able to find a small radio button, check that field, it will open few related fields. 
From the combo box, few options will display.

How To Add Annotations In Youtube

1. Video - Select this, if you want to link to another video.
2. Playlist - Select this, if you want to link with your customized and                               suggested videos to the viewer.
3. Channel - Select this, if you want to link to other videos.
4. Google+ Profile/Page - Select this, if you want to link to your Google profile page.
5. SubscribeSelect this, if you want your user to subscribe you.
6. Crowd Funding Project - Select this, if you want to link with a website, but all the web links are not allowed. Some of the fundraising links are only acceptable. If you want to know the reason behind it, please go through the link.

So here I have chosen the channel, as I want to link the annotation to be linked to my Youtube channel so that the viewer can check out all my videos once he clicks on it.

And also specify the relative link in the URL box. Before applying the changes you can have a preview of the same by clicking on the preview link.

Once you are satisfied with the preview, Click on "Apply changes". All your customization will be saved and most importantly your Annotations will be created. You can place multiple annotations on a video in the same way. But 2 or 3 would be recommended.

Now let us check if the annotations are displaying on the videos. In order to that, go back to your channel and the same video. Let me know if it works or doesn't work for you in the comment section below.

How to Backup And Restore Your Blogger Template

What is Blogger Template

Blogger Template is a .xml file which contains all the script of the template in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and some of the .js (Java) script too. We always play around with our blogger templates by editing the coding or adding some HTML widgets all the time to enhance the look of the blog. Unfortunately, we are not always successful doing it.

Backup And Restore Your Blogger Template
Seldom things won't work out, and we think of switching it back to the earlier mode. And Most of the bloggers find it very hard to remove the changes they made, which obviously didn't work for them. So it's always a great idea to backup your template before going with the editing.
Thanks to the blogger they incorporated this feature and made it possible. It also saves a lot of time, so that a blogger can concentrate and spend more time on their posts. It's quite simple, let us see how to get this done. 

1. Go to the Blogger Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the "Template"

3. Click on "Backup/Restore", a popup window will appear.

Backup And Restore
4. Click on "Download full Template", you will be able to download the .xml file of your Template.
Template Backup

How to Revert to the Older Template

So now let's see how to revert to the older template which we have downloaded before making changes to the template. We need to follow the same steps as above.

1. Go to the Blogger Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the "Template"

3. Click on "Backup/Restore", a popup window will appear.

Backup And Restore
4. Click on "Choose file", and browse to the directory where the .xml file of your template got saved earlier, 

5. Once shown the directory, click on "upload". It takes just a few seconds to get uploaded. click on "close"

There you go bloggers, you will be reverted to the earlier mode of your template.

How To Change WiFi Password

It's would be confusing for the people who have recently started using the internet or started using wireless to change the "WiFi Password". Few of them already asked me on the same, I was just guessing there would be more who doesn't know who to get this done. This article is completely dedicated to them who are the new users of WiFi. Before get into the actual process of changing the WiFi password. Let know about why we need to do the same, or why is it required to.

Why is it required to change the password
Let's see few reason for some instances-

1. Assume Hotel / Restaurant owners provide free internet through WiFi to their customers or guests,  because of their hospitality rules. But they use to keep on changing the password so that only those customers could enjoy the WiFi who have come recently, or who use to come regularly. Not for those who came many days or months ago.
    2. Most of the times our relatives and colleagues use to come to our home for several reasons. And in past your have shared your WiFi password with them. But all the time you might not have enough data to share. You might be out of data with their frequent visits. So, in this case, it's good to keep on changing the WiFi password regularly.

    3. There might be one more possibility, that your connection is being hacked by someone and your data is being used by someone else, who are not supposed to. And later on, when you want to use the internet, you might be out of data completely. In such case, it would be too annoying, as you might have some important work to do and you are out of data because of someone else have been used it for their personal things. So instead of regretting later, it better to keep on changing the WiFi password.
    There might be more reasons to do the same. So now coming to the main topic here...!!!


    Let see how to change the WiFi password
    1. Take a LAN Cable

    2. Insert that LAN cable into your modem cum router and another end into your computer.

    How To Change WiFi Password

    3. Now type Windows+R on your keyboard, to launch the "Run" window, and type "cmd" in it and enter. That will launch the command prompt.

    4. Now type "IP config" in it and hit the enter key. It will display all your LAN settings including your IP Address.

    5. Look for the Default gateway in it, copy the same and open your browser.

    6. Enter the same Default Gateway address into the browser, it will take you to the related web page. It will take you to the same website of the company router you have with you.

    7. That web page will ask for your login credentials, by which we have logged in while setting up the WiFi router for the very first time. I hope you remember your WiFi login credentials. If not then, its fine we get it from the internet. If you know your username and password already, you can skip step a) and b).

    a) Take a new tab and type It will launch a web page where you have to select your WiFi router Company name(Router Manufacturer) from the drop-down and click on "find password" button. For Example, I have searched for "NETGEAR"

    How To Change WiFi Password
    b) Once you click on "Find Password" button, it will display all the related default username and password, check for the model No. you have and select the relative password and enter in the respective field.
    How To Change WiFi Password

    8. After providing your login credentials, you will be able to login to your router.

    9. You can change your password over there. Please find the below image for an idea, change the password in the respective "password phrase" field and click on Apply.

    How To Change WiFi Password

    That's it, folks....!!! We have successfully changed our WiFi password.
    There are few more ways to change the WiFi Passwords. Maybe I will be posting those in my next articles.

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    What is Whatsapp Encryption

    Let's know about Encryption one of the latest features in WhatsApp.

    What are the uses of Encryption

    We can be safe with our chat messages which we exchange while chatting with our family or loved ones. Mentioning safe indicates from the hackers if the messages are not encrypted messages can be easily intercepted by anyone especially the hackers.

    These Encryption feature is being used in companies, Govt. offices etc. earlier. Thankfully Whats App also incorporated this feature in their App. And because of the same now, all the messages can be safely exchanged without any hesitation.

    Saying Encryption means only the sender and receiver of the message can read the same. No other person can intercept or hack these messages.

    No one can spy on your messages, not even the WhatsApp people. Which is really cool, this is called end-to-end Encryption, which actually works on signal protocol. This feature will only be in the updated WhatsApp version in all the platforms Android, iOS, Windows and also in Blackberry.

     What is Whatsapp Encryption
    In case you haven't updated the latest version of WhatsApp from a long time, the get it now from play store, this feature is available in WhatsApp 2.12.556 version or above.

    Now you might be thinking that just by mentioning the latest version, how can you be sure even after installing it, your WhatsApp will be encrypted.

    So yes friend it will be and we can check on the same thing and get it verified. Once you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone if you open any member chat box to exchange a chat you will be able to see a message saying "Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which we couldn't see earlier with the older version. Tap for more info". Tap on that message and click on "Learn more" link if your want to know more about it.
    End to End Encryption
    You can also verify this by selecting the chat from the top right corner (3 dots of WhatsApp), and click on the one of view contact, you will be able to see the same message as above there as well with a lock symbol in it. Have a sneak in the below image for better insights. 
    Whatsapp Encryption, End to end encryption

    Now we can be 100% sure that our chat messages are safe and can't be viewable by anyone else who are not supposed to.

    Is the Chat Encryption is also for Group Chats?

    The answer is yes but in order to make the group chats also Encrypted all the group members should have been installed the latest version of WhatsApp on their smartphone.

    How to Remove Duplicate Entries in Google Spreadsheet

    Google Spreadsheet

    We all know that how powerful Google spreadsheet is, and simple to use. Apart from being having several features in it, there are thousands of "add-on" also can be added to the spreadsheet. which makes the work much easier and faster.

    While working with the spreadsheet and having a huge amount of data stored in it, there is a possibility of some duplicate entries as well. 

    For an instance, we are preparing some report at our workplace, and due to some of the duplicate entries the final data won't be getting tallied and a lot of deviation might come.

    To find out the same duplicate entries we need to put on a lot of effort to find out, still the possibilities are very less to find out the duplicate entry among the huge entered data we stored in the google spreadsheet, as we are trying manually for the duplicate entries.

    In this case, people get frustrated. Cross checking the entire data manually is not that easy job to do.

    Eliminate The Duplicate Entries in Google Spreadsheet

    Well, we will see here how to do get it done in an automated way, if it sounds impossible, then Google Add- on made it possible. 

    We need to get an add-on from google spreadsheet for the same. I have already written in my earlier article the process of add a new Add-on into Google Spreadsheet.

    Please go through the same, if you haven't read it. The process is very simple, I am not placing it here again in this article.

    The "Add-on" which we need to get added is "Remove Duplicates". Once you get it added then follow the below steps to remove all the duplicate entries from your spreadsheet in few seconds. The "Remove Duplicates" add-on will be displayed in the add-on's menu.

    How to Remove Duplicate Entries in Google Spreadsheet

    Now from the Add-on's menu, find "Remove Duplicates" and then click on "Find duplicates or unique".  Once performed this action pop-up windows will appear asking to select the range from which we want the add-on to search for the duplicates.

    For and instance I have data in two columns "A" and "B". And you want to search the duplicates from a certain range example (A1:B24), your range of selection might differ. specify your range and click on next.

    The Add - on will automatically search for the duplicates after following all the four steps below.

    Step 1 - In this step, we need to input the range amongst from which we want to find out the duplicates. Once the range has been input click on next for getting into the next step.

    Step 2 - Next step is to what exact we are looking for, Duplicates, Duplicates + 1st occurrences, Uniques, Uniques + 1st occurrences.

    1. Duplicates - Select this if you want to search the duplicates amongst the entered data. As we are looking for the same, so go ahead and make the selection of the same.

    It will select one amongst the duplicate and leave the other one. For an instance, we have 256 twice in our data. So it will mark one 256 and be leaving the other one. So that we can eliminate the marked entry and leave the other one. That is what we would like to do over here.

    If you are looking for just eliminating the duplicates, then I would recommend going ahead with step 3.

    2. Duplicates + 1st occurrences - If you make the selection of this it will filter both the duplicate values. For and instance 256 entered twice in the data, then it will mark both the 256.

    It's completely opposite from the first option so that you can choose which one you want to eliminate. 

    3. Unique - By making the selection of this it will leave out the duplicate ones, and filter (mark) only the unique values.
    4. Uniques + 1st occurrences - Making the selection of this will filter the unique data amongst the overall data and also the 1st occurrences from a duplicate.

    Step 3 - In step 3 you have to make the selection from which column and rows your want to find your duplicates data from. check the desired columns and rows required and click on next.

    Step 4 - Here it asks in which color your want your duplicates data to get marked. Select any color which goes well with your eyes and visibility.

    And there you go..!!! following the above all four steps, now your duplicate data will be marked with the same color which was chosen by you in step 4. Which makes the job easy to eliminate the duplicate data.

    See the below image for better insights. Add-ons are really helpful a lot.
    How to Remove Duplicate Entries in Google Spreadsheet

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    Create Logo in Flaming Text

    Logos are important for any company or YouTube channels, as branding is everything. We have plenty of online editing tools available for making our work get quicker and easier.

    Among all the online logo creators tools, here in this article, we will be discussing the flaming text. It's it really cool and has a lot of effects to make a logo get done in some simple and easier steps.

    Flaming Text

    Let's directly get started into this. Open your browser and search for
    you will be able to see plenty of predefined logos here with well designed and great effects.
    choose one of them by clicking on it which you like and you think could be suitable for you channel.

    Once you click on it will take you to a new page, which will containing some customizing options for creating the same.

    We can change the color as well of the same by getting into the next tab "Logo".
    Let's see how the customization could be done for creating a logo.

    Text - Here we can add some text and customize the same with various editing options provided below.
    Logo text: You can add text here (anything you would like to) and the same will be applied and be visible above bar with the chosen effect for the logo instantly. you can choose one of the coolest one for your coolest channel or company. :) 

    Font Size: Font size can be changed for the logo according to your requirement, your can input some number or can use the slider as well to increase or decrease the the input text.

    Font: There will be plenty of standard quality fonts available in the font section. You can play around with those and select for the appropriate one amongst.
    Flaming Text

    Logo- Here we will be editing the outlook of the text. It has few of customization options, let us see them.

    Fill - There will be three good options provided into this.

    1. Color - In the color section, choose any single color your like to put on the logo.

    2. Pattern - In this section you can apply any of the provided patterns to the text or logo. And the same pattern will be applied to the text inner part with a different colored stroke in it, even that can be customized. Keep reading to find out the same below. 

    3. Gradient - Gradient is a two colored mixture, which merges very seamlessly. We can apply the gradient's as well on the logo or text.

    Outline- An outline is nothing but a stroke with gets applied to the outer area of the text, which brings on a lot of depth to the logo. We can input any number in the outline section or use the slider to increase or decrease the outline (stroke) size.

    We can also have color, pattern and gradient effect to apply on the text outline as above this time, not for the text, but for the outlines of the text which also called as "stroke."

    Outline 2 Size - We can apply one more outline for the outline (stroke). It means double outlines for the same text entered. Sounds cool na..!!! I have quickly created a small example for the same below. We can see logo appears with grey colour text and the "Outline" in yellow color and the "Outline 2" in black color. Again we also will be having color, pattern and gradient effect to apply on the text outline 2 as well. 

    Create Logo in Flaming Text
    Curve Highlight -  I found curve highlight is one of the coolest options in this. It provides a glossy effect to the text at the edges, and the text looks more appealing.

    Why I said it as the coolest option because on other offline editing tools it takes few extra minutes to provide this effect. Here it is very quicker and easier, in fact just a click away.

    Shadow- In the shadow section we can add a reflection to the text which will enhance the look of the text and also add some depth to it. Lets have a glance on few of them. As of now shadow effect is an premium feature.

    We have to pay few bucks for get it activated. But though its not that compulsory to use the same.

    Type- Here it asks, what kind of shadow we want to apply for the text.

    1. None - This option will not add any shadow to the text. So there is no point of choosing this if you want to apply the shadow. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like X OffsetY Offset, blur and opacity.

    2. Drop If we select Drop shadow, then a shadow will come under the text, which will enhance the look and will be eye catching. we can adjust the parameters of the effect like X OffsetY Offset, blur, shadow color (Opacity, X OffsetY Offset, blur ).

    3. Reflection - This will add a reflection to the added text, just like a mirror effect. Putting into simple words on applying this option the same text will appear below it as a duplicate or mirror down below with a bit of transparency applied. which will look cool. we can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Opacity, Tilt X, Fade Height(%), Scale Y(%), X Offset, Y Offset, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

    4. Glow - This will add a glow effect to the text. It will be shiny from the edge of the text. In other words it will add some luminous effect to the text. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Color, Size, Feather, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

    5. Normal - It will add a very basic shadow to the text, with a flat color and smooth edges.
    Personally i don't like this effect at all. We can adjust the parameters of the effect like (Color, Feather, Opacity, Tilt X, Scale Y(%), X Offset, Y Offset, X Offset, Y Offset, Blur, Opacity).

    6. Self - Applying this will add a self (text) shadow to it.

    Back Ground - We can apply any background to the applied text. Either we can make it transparent, or we can also apply some color, or some pattern (can be chosen amongst the available ones), or gradient(as explained earlier two color blends well seamlessly). Sunburst (it will create a sun rays coming out of the text).

    I would recommend to make it transparent if you are creating it for a logo. So that the logo should blend with any kind of background web template.

    Image - This is the final stage of the customisation of the text, and we can customise the image output here. Here we can mention the size of the image. we can fix a particular size of the image (width, height).

    We can crop the image as well by using Auto crop option. And finally the "File Format" png, jpeg, gif, xcf (FT Gimp Native Format). You can choose any of them according to our requirement.

    I would recommend to choose PNG if you are creating it for the logo and want to make the background transparent of the text.
    Once all the settings have been provided and editing has been done, Download the image to apply the same as your "logo" or "watermark" for YouTube.

    That's all folks. Let me know if this article was helpful for you in the comment section.

    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

    Now the question is what is YouTube watermark

    Those who have YouTube channels and wants to turn their passion into money by monetizing it, I am sure we all want to, in fact, nothing being shy in it. If you too amongst us, please keep reading to learn how to place a watermark for your videos, it's important for creating a branding. 

    The primary reason for creating watermark is branding. Branding makes an impact in front of the viewer, it actually resembles our seriousness and how active we will be on YouTube.

    YouTuber's want to create a unique identity for their own channel in the market, and by placing a watermark helps to achieve it. As we need to stand out from the rest in the market to get noticeable.
    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark
    Some of them place annotations on YouTube videos and link the same to their channel or website as well, which is quite decent and clever strategy of making your viewers connect with you. Please go through it, that's another article in which I had described in detail about it.
    Coming back to the watermark. While viewing YouTube videos, we often notice the channel name or logo at the right bottom or at the top right corner side of the videoThis will be in the form of an image(logo) or text(logo), that is called a YouTube watermark. It will also add an interactive subscribe button along with the branding logo on the videos itself. So that it could be much easier to the viewer to subscribe your channel as the "subscribe button" displays on the videos itself. It will increase the "subscribers" and apparently will enhance the "views" as well, for your uploaded videos. Let's get this thing done for our videos right now.

    Create a watermark
    If you have knowledge of Photoshop you can make and customize watermark easily there, and it's completely fine even if you don't know Photoshop you still can make a watermark easily in few minutes only. As we have plenty of online tools available. Logo creators sites like Cool text, Flaming text are few examples.

    Let's get started...!!! 
    Create a logo in any of the above websites mentioned. I also have shown how to create a text logo in flaming text, go through itOnce all the customization and editing has been done, Download the image to needed to apply the same as your "watermark".

    Now let's see how to get the downloaded image applied as a watermark.

    Login into your YouTube channel, and now click on the right top corner at your profile picture and then click on "Creator Studio", and now click on the "Channel" at the left side of the YouTube template below Community Button. And now choose "Branding" under "Channel".

    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark
    At the right side, a window will appear, click on the "Add a watermark" button.

    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

    It will display a window asking an Image to upload with three option into it.
    The two options with the tick mark "yes" sign meant the image should be transparent background and with a single color for better display instead a lot of gradients. And the image which we upload should be either in .PNG or .GIF format.

    And also the file should not exceed more than 1 Mb in size, or the file won't be acceptable and won't be getting uploaded. Once you think that your watermark image matches all the mentioned criteria. then click on the "choose file" button and browse for the location for the created watermark image. Once uploaded hit the save button.
    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

    There will be few more customising option displayed on the screen. These options are quite cool it asks that, when and how you want your watermark to be displayed or appear on videos. So total control of your videos will be with you. Those options are below.

    Display Time
    Click on the drop down and select when you want your channel watermark to appear on your uploaded video.

    1. End of Video
    2. Customized start time(your can mention a particular time) or,
    3. Entire video.

    I would recommend you to choose "Entire Video" option so that your brand will display the entire video. which you upload on YouTube and creates a good impression of your YouTube channel. Once you are done with that, click on the update button. So that all the changes will be saved and applied.

    Now your uploaded watermark will be displayed and saved, and going forward will be applied on every video you upload to YouTube. And also a subscribe button will popup, if someone hovers over the branding logo. Check the below image for better insights.

    How To Place a YouTube Water Mark

    Channel Branding is everything for the YouTuber's ....!!!