How To Setup Adsense Page Level Ads To Increase Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense Mobile Ads: Page Level Ads

It is a known fact that tons of blog created every day, everyone does it for their own reason. Some have the hobby to share the experiences and knowledge to the world. The passion of something also makes people create a blog. But who don't want to generate some revenue from their passion and hobbies, at most everyone does it.

Now the question is how do we do that, turning hobby and passion into a profession. Well, monetizing the blog is the solution. And when it comes to monetizing, one thing (Ad network) strikes to mind, that is Adsense.

Google Adsense born in 2003, and it is serving the advertisements on many publishers blogs and website. It is a known as a high paying Ad network. So many publishers getting help from Google Adsense. As mentioned above it is the high paying CPC Ad network so bloggers are able to earn a handsome income through it.

Adsense Page Level Ads

In added to that now Google Adsense has introduced PageLevel Ads as well to add some more advantage. Adsense Page Level Ads are very effective and works great. As it serves sticky Ads, which are definitely better than the scrollable Ads. 

Page Level Ads are sticky but it is removable(avoidable) from the screen just in a tap by the viewer if they don't want to see it. So user experience is not affected with that at all. It is the priority for every blogger to give a proper user experience, as visitor means a lot.

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By Default Adsense Page Level Ads won't be active, we have to do it manually.

Setup Adsense Page Level Ads for your Blog 

1. Login to your Google Adsense Account
2. Navigate to My Ads - Page-Level ads 

Here we would be able to see two types of Page-Level ads, those are
Anchor/Overlay Ads - Activating these ads, we are allowing it to get aligned at the bottom of the device, These are the called sticky ads, which doesn't disturb the user experience at all.  As it occupies very less space of the screen and can be easily dismissable by the user any time if they do not want to see that, just with a single tap or a slide.
For Publishers - It will give more Adsense Impressions, which would be helpful to generate more revenue. So these ads are highly recommended.

Vignette Ads -These ads occupy the whole screen of the device, only once when the user visits the site, and it could be easily dismissable as well. The impressive thing about these ads I found is it displays while the site page loads in the background, So if your site takes some time to load even then if offend the user and in between this ad will be displayed.

Adsense Page Level Ads

3. Once switching into Page Level Ads, on both the Mobile ads Anchor/overlay ads and Vignette ads to activate it.
4. Now click on "Get Code", and copy the code.
5. Now Go back to the Template HTML Model and find   and paste the code below it. That's all you will be able to activate the Adsense Page-Level Ads.

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