How To Add a Custom Domain On Blogger With GoDaddy: Step By Step Guide

So bought a custom domain for Blogspot Blog from Go Daddy ?. and now want to add that into your, so you have landed right as here we will show a step by step guide on the same. And for those who don’t know how to create a Blogspot blog, no need to worry at all, we have a step by step guide for How to create a blog in Blogger as well.
It is always good to have a custom domain instead of free domain name blogspot.comIt is definite as sounds much better compare to a free domain ( In fact, apart from that there are many advantages of it, again that would be an another article.
Okay..!!! coming back into the main topic setting up a custom domain is quite a tricky part in That is the main reason of creating this guide step by step. So let us dive in and convert a free domain to a custom domain.
Add A Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy: Step By Step Guide
If you have already created a blog in blogger. Let us Add a custom domain on blogger, following the steps below without missing a single one will setup the custom domain successfully.
1. Login to your
2. Navigate to Blogger Dashboard Settings Basic
Now from the right side, some setting will display
3. From the Publishing section, Blog address will be there along with the blog name, click on Edit. check the below image.
Blog Address
4. Once clicked on Edit, we will be able to edit that section and now enter that custom domain which you bought from GoDaddy replacing the free domain, and save it.
5. An error will appear after hitting the save button shown in the image below,  “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32 don’t Panic at all.
Blog Address
6. Now Login to your GoDaddy Account
7. Click Manage button from Domains.
8. Once clicked on the manage button, a window will appear where the purchased domain could be seen, It will be in the form of a hyperlink, click on it.
9. Now a window will appear, where we could see three tabs, select the DNS Zone File.
10. Now scroll down to a bit, till the CName (Alias) section and from www  Click on edit, a pop-up window will be opened.
11. Now go back to the, where we have left the error window,  and copy the Points To will appear like “”
12. And now come back to GoDaddy and paste it in the Points To section and www in the Host section. And Click on Finish Button. Now the Pop-up window will be closed.
13. Now we will be able to see the Points To data has been added, Click on Save Changes.
14. Once clicked on save changes a confirmation window will appear, click on OK
15. Now we need to add the Zone Record, so again come back to the blogger settings(Basic) page and copy the data below the www (Name, Label or Host Field) first and later we need to copy the data from (Destination, Target or Points To Field).
16. Now let’s go back to Go Daddy and click on “Add Record” in Zone File sectiona window will open Add Zone Record, Choose CName (Alias) from the Record type drop down.

17. Now paste the copied data in Host section and the Points To Data in the Points To section in Zone Records. Please check the image below for avoiding confusions.

18. Click on Finish button to close the pop-up window.
19. Click on Save Changes to save the changes done with the zone records.
20. Go back to and click on “view settings instructions”, it will open a new tab. Scroll a bit down and click on “Use a Top-Level Domain”, here we are going to add the IP. 
21. We will be able to see 4 IP addresses there, now copy one of them and go back to GoDaddy. It might appear like the image below.
22. As we need to add those IP addresses, so click on Add Record,
23. A window will open, choose A(Host) from the drop down and enter “@” in the “Host” section and paste the copied IP in the Points To section and then click on Add Another to add all the remaining 3 IPs. Perform the same action with all the IPs and finally, click on Finish.
24. Once clicked on Finish, the pop-up window will be closed, and we could be able to see all the IP’s got added to the records.
25. Now the Final Action we need to do is forwarding the domain, in order to do that switch to “Settings” tab and from the Forwarding section and click on “manage”
26. It will open a window click on “Add one now” to our domain.
27. It will again open a window as Add Forwarding, and add here the custom domain which bought from GoDaddy and click on Add.
28. And then click on save button.
29. Now go back to the blogger and click on Save button.
That’s it now the free domain will be replaced with the custom domain. It will show a message that the changes will be effected in 48 Hrs, but these days it’s getting done in few minutes only.
Do Let us know if this step by step tutorial on adding a custom domain in blogger helped you, we would love to read your comments.


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