How To Add Contact Form In Blogger

How To Add Contact Form In Blogger

Contact form is quite important for a website / blog, so that the readers could easily connect with the Admin. Here we will look into how to add a Contact Form to the blogger.

Login into the Blogger, navigate to the page section and Click on the “New Page” button to create a new page for the blog, and name it as “Contact us” or “Contact Me”
blogger page
Once the page get successfully get created.
contact me
Edit the same page once more to paste “Contact Form” HTML code. After opening the page switch to the “HTML” section from “Compose”. The page will look some thing like the below page.
Replace the existing code with below one
Link the .txt file here for the above code

Once your are done with replacing the existing code with the new one, Click on “Publish”.

The page will be published and the form will be created, now the next step is to link this page with the created menu for your blog “Contact”. Now in order to do that go back to the blog dashboard and navigate to the Template – and click on “Edit HTML” .


After accessing all the HTML code, amongst this now we need to search for “Contact Us” which is the menu button, Press Ctrl + F from you keyboard and enter “Contact Us” . It will search for the same and the code will look something like the below image. 


So now the next step is to “View” the “contact me” page and copy the url of it, and paste it between this quotations and click on save template.  And now you can view you blog to test whether the contact menu is working and displaying the contact form.

It should work. Please do let me know if you find any difficulty in the entire procedure, i will be happy to help.

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