How To Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

One Google Account is not being sufficient for anyone, we all have to work with multiple Google email accounts at the same time and required to keep on switch Gmail accounts.

And it is not that simple to kept on switch accounts because you can not use multiple Gmail accounts in one browser.

So in such case either you have to use a couple of browsers, or you have to open the another account in the incognito mode. And that's again not that convenient as kept on Sign in with different Google account sometimes goes very painful if you have multiple Google email accounts.

As we use Google Chrome very often because of its features (Extensions) and fast loading, so let us see how to do account switching with multiple Gmail accounts in one browser itself. This Google Chrome feature makes the life much easier.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

Manage Google Account easily -
  • Click on the browser right top corner on your name, it will show some options and 
  • Click on the gear icon (Manage people)
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

  • A window will appear, click on Add person.
  • It will take you the next dialog box, provide a person name in that field.
  • We could be able to see one more checkbox "Supervise this person to control and view the websites they visit from your Google Account," this is to manage other account users which is an interesting feature, that is another detailed article. Let it be unchecked if you use all the accounts yourself.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome
  • Once the "username" entered, Click on Save Button. It will open a new window.
  • Now, here we have to provide the new Gmail login credentials, which we want to use along with the primary Gmail account.
That's it, now you will be able to see one more window with the other Gmail account.
You can add many Google accounts following the same process with ease.

How To Manage Google Account More Than Two

Now if few Google Accounts are added, then you would be able to see plenty of browser window at your taskbar, we can switch accounts by clicking on the respective window.

In case if it looks confusing to identify the right window, there is one much easier way to switch accounts.

  • Click on the right top corner, as we did to add accounts, but this time you will be able to see all Google new user accounts. Have a glance on the below image for better insights.
Switch Google Accounts Without Signing Off In Chrome

  • Now to switch between the accounts, click on the respective user, and you will be taken to that Google account. In the same way, you can switch to all your Google accounts. Isn't it cool?
Managing multiple Google account can be easier that this. Would like to hear from you, how helpful this Google Chrome feature was.

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How To Password Protect Google Sheet

There are plenty of data which we store online, as we want to access the information on the go. No wonder we all do that, instead of writing the information on a piece of paper and carrying with us.
And that is completely fine, as it is online and the account is password protected so no one else would be able to access it. Does that you think?

But the important thing on which we need to put some light over here, the Gmail, Google Docs etc. where we save all the important information, like some bank usernames, passwords, our social account login credentials, bank account numbers, PAN no. and so on. 

In this scenario, Google Docs Security is one of the priority. Don't you think the same, if yes let us dive in and see how to we should do it.

Password Protect Google Sheet

How Secure Is Google Docs

Question arose? Off-course its safe, but why not to add some extra protection like put a password on a file or encrypt google spreadsheet, don't you think so?

Because there is always a loophole, just assume, Google Docs where we store such data and that account is signed in on your mobile or any other device, which we always want to, unfortunately, it got lost or got into hands of some untrusted person and who might be accessing the information from it, So, in this case, our data is safe?.. off course not...!!

Data protection is always the priority for anyone..!!
The question is how to protect Google Sheet ..?

Password Protect Google Sheet

Assigning a password to the file, or even encrypt that data will definitely solve out the problem and make the Google Docs more secure, does it sounds cool..!!

Encryption is something which we should always do with the important data. So that even if the untrusted person accesses your devices, they will not be able to read the data without a password. As after encryption, it won't be readable at all. Excited...then let us get into the process of encrypt Google Sheet.
Encrypt Google Spreadsheet: Put a Password on a file
As by default we do not have such option to Encrypt the data, but thanks to who have made it possible. Let us see how.

Step1. Login to you Google Drive Account and Open a Spreadsheet,  as mentioned above here by default you won't be able to see any encryption option in google Docs. The menu will be looking like the below image. 

Password Protect Google Sheet

So now though we want to encrypt Google Spreadsheet, so we need some external option or some script which adds some extra protection to the sheet. So here is the copy of Spreadsheetsheet, which adds some code in the script editor, and allows one more menu to get added, to encrypt google spreadsheet and make it password protect files.

So click on this, and make a copy if it, as we want to be the owner of the spreadsheet which we want to protect.

Now once opened the file, it will add one more menu "Protect File". If you can see that, we are ready to go to step2.

Step2. Now input your data in the sheet, which you want to protect, and 
Click on Protect File - Encrypt file And then Click on Continue, to Authorize it.

Password Protect Google Sheet

  • Click on allow and grant the permission and script to access your Gmail account.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step3. Now a small pop-up will be asking for the password which you want to assign for that spreadsheet to encrypt it. Assign a strong password and make sure you remember it.

Once done you will be able to see your data like the below image which won't be readable at all. So now your data is completely encrypted.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step4. If you want to see the data back again, then again go back to "Protect File" menu and click on "Decrypt file" and enter the same password which you have entered while encrypting the Google Spreadsheet.

Password Protect Google Sheet

Step5. Once entered the password you will be able to see your protected data back again as shown in the below image. Bingo ..wasn't that simple...!!!

Password Protect Google Sheet

How cool is that as we have a password to our account as well as the password for some important spreadsheets. In this way, we can be sure that our data is 100% protected in all the devices.
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Interview With Rakesh Madala Founder of Techedge

Interview With Rakesh Madala

Welcome Rakesh To Question Cage, it is been great to have a professional blogger like you here. Myself and our readers are excited to look into your blogging journey and learn most as possible.

Interview With Rakesh Madala Founder of Techedge

1. Tell me something to our Readers About you and your Blog?

Rakesh: Hi, folks! I am Rakesh Madala from Ongole, India. I am a graduate in electrical engineering. I started as a passion and now it is empowering more than 5000+ readers globally and helping them to make money from their blogs every month.

Here at I write about How-to, Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, Tech News, Tips and tricks and more. 80% of my blog articles contain blogging tips and 10% of computer and tech tips and rest about general and educational information.

2. The moment which inspires you To Get Into Blogging?

Rakesh: Till the completion of my graduation, I am not that good in computer knowledge (basically I am from the electrical background). I didn't have my personal laptop as well at that time. I approached so many organizations for the interviews around 20 times, but not able to crack it.

One day I took my friend's laptop and searched for how to earn money? Then I found different ways to earn money from online like Freelancing, Blogging, Affiliated Marketing etc.

Gradually while searching information about make money online, I struck with name called blog. Then after I looked for top 10 bloggers in India like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, and Imran Uddin were the few of them. I get to know there is a way to get money from blogging if you get targeted audience for your blog.

Then after the search for the blog information more than a month. I decided to start my own blog on 2014.  First I started my blog in the blogger (free) platform. Then I thought of starting one more, and I came up with Unfortunately, that got de-indexed by the Google, because of approving the spam comments under the blog posts. 

Then, at last, I decided to start (my tech blog). Frankly speaking my failure in job searching converted into success in the blogging journey. Bingo...!!! At last, I got a job in the Start-up company as well. :)

3. What is your blogging Style?

Rakesh: There is no specific blogging style for me. I usually write for my audience what they are interested in, and also some tips for the new bloggers to learn and enhance their blogging career.

Everyone have their own style of writing. I follow my style. I have done so many A/B testings on my blog in speed and page responsiveness for different devices like mobile, tab, and laptop.

I use Georgia (font) for my texts with 12px of font size and make the alignment to the left and blog post with different sizes of heading like H1, H3 etc.

4. Your Strengths which helped you in you blogging career?

Rakesh: The only strength that I have is my parents. They always support in my interest either in the blogging journey and personal life.

A Blogger should have a lot of patience for researching, gathering information and to write an article in our own style. 

  • Blogger always needs self-motivation. Because they don’t get instant results. It takes months to years to get back sweet fruits from the blog.
  • Commitment is the must and should for a blogger. You will get a commitment when you, yourself need to spend time for blogging. 
  • Dedication needed for a blogger. Every minute he has to think about how beautiful he can present valuable information to his audience.

If you don’t have above three requirements. Then no problem. You must have a passion for blogging for becoming a successful blogger.

5. What bring more traffic to your blog?

Rakesh: Mostly 90% of the traffic of my blog is organic. Rest 10 % from social like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Engaging with other bloggers in the same niche helps you to get more traffic. Always get in touch with your readers try to answer their question and doubts. Which helps to build trust from your audience.

6. What are your strategies by which you make readers engaged?

Rakesh: If readers to your blog are engaging to your content and asking you about doubts and questions what they have on a specific topic which you have written on your blog means readers are interacting with your content. 

Tips To Engage your readers

  • Write meaningful content and add eye-catching media
  • Showcase the real time example and give statistics of content if required.
  • Provide commenting section below the article and social sharing buttons which helps users to share the content if they like it.

7. Your Preferable Work Environment?

Rakesh: I usually prefer to work in the morning times and try to write when i am alone.

8. What are your Plans to improve more going further?

Rakesh: I am planning to work on more niche sites. I have created few subdomains like (to share job-related information), (Where I allow people to create their own professional website.

9. Share with our readers the Proudest moment of your blogging Career?

Rakesh: If someone recognizes you with your blog name rather than your personal name, I think that is the proudest moment for every blogging career. When I saw few $$$ amount in the account. I felt very proud myself.

10. Which Authors Inspired you and turned you into a Blogger and how?

Rakesh: I always motivated myself from the top bloggers in the industry like Neil Patel (professional entrepreneur and digital marketer), Amit Agarwal (India’s first professional blogger) and  Matt cuts (Search Engine team Google).

11. What do you prefer doing in your spare time?

Rakesh: I usually like to spend my spare time with my parents.  I love music and playing mind games. I like to spend time, to help my father in farming. I love cooking too…

12. Plans for next five years in the Blogging Industry?

Rakesh: I have few plans for next five years. To make my blog more interactive to the users and creating a brand value (this is quite a difficult task but I need to focus on). 

Need to maintain my personal website with my name. Because audience is more likely to remember me with my name.

My aim is to start a company. I am looking for the delta4 product i.e having huge demand and less supply. I will take this action after few years not right now. (need to do market search, product demand analysis, and product development research).

13. Challenging Moment in your blogging Career

Rakesh: In the earlier times of blogging. It is very difficult to get traffic Because no page of blog indexed by search engines. Only traffic comes from social media. once after seeing my google analytic dashboard. I decided to quit blogging because I am getting (20-30) views a day but my parents motivated me in that situation not to quit blogging by any means. 

14. Your Favorite Bloggers and why?

Rakesh: "My Favorite bloggers"
  • Amit Agarwal: He changed entire blogging history. Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only professional blogger at that time 2004. Apart from his blog digital inspiration, he has developed several popular web apps, Google Add-ons.
  • Neil Patel: He is New York Times best-selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers. He writes awesome content marketing articles. I like to read his blog in my spare time.
  • Harsh Agarwal: Another famous blogger in India is Harsh Agarwal. His website covers topic about blogging, WordPress plugins, SEO, Make Money Online, and Tech Guide. He is from Delhi.i like his blog.
Imran Uddin (, Shradha Sharma ( and Srinivas tamada ( are my favorite blogs. 

15. Most Challenging Part of the Blogging?

Rakesh: Most challenging part of the blogging is taking the decision towards blogging and blogging as a career. Getting traffic to blog also a big challenging task for every blogger. After that one more big challenge is to make visitor stick to your content for more time (reducing Bounce rate).

16. How Often do you publish your articles, and how often you communicate with your readers?

Rakesh: I will always write 3-5 articles a month. When I am free that count increases a little bit.

17. Your Daily Spent Time on blogging?

Rakesh: I will usually spend whole weekends and spare time after coming from the office and early in the morning I prefer to blog.

Full weekends(Saturday & Sunday) and 2-3 hours in weekdays.

18. Best Social Media to Drive Traffic?

Rakesh: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

19. Some Tips To the New Bloggers - What to do and what not to?

Rakesh: Try to use your own domain/hosting rather than free other platforms like blogger, , wix and tumbler etc.

  • It’s worth to spend money on good hosting and name. because it is one-time pay for the whole year, so that your blog should be always up and running and the downtime.
  • Write high-quality content, which helps readers to stick to your blog for more time. Don’t compromise on the quality of an article.
  • Build a strong network by communicating with other bloggers and influencersin the industry.
  • You should have a clear one thing that you are writing for you audience.

Don’t do keyword stuffing. Google is smarter to find these things and it can make our site get de-indexed for that keywords.

Try to get high-quality backlinks from other high authority sites, this will improve search ranking. Do Guest posting and blog commenting on high-quality sites.

20. Best Blogging Tools which worked for you?


21. And Finally where Our Readers can follow you?

Rakesh: Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | YouTube

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Create Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet To Send Mass Emails

Mail Merge Gmail is one of the coolest Add-on I have used so far. The reason I am saying this because it allows you to send emails directly through the Google Spreadsheets. Can you believe it, Google spreadsheet which is most easier to use, and very user-friendly now it will be allowing to send emails as well with the help if the Mail Merge add-on. How does that happen..??

Create Mail Merge in Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

Generally, Mail Merge feature is not available in Gmail by default. Fortunately, this Add-on is created by "Digital Inspiration", which is being very useful and we can get it from Google Chrome Webstore.

So here we have a chance to use mail merge with Google Docs directly, which will be much quicker and will have a full control over your sent emails. If you are new into this and don't know how to get external Add-ons for google Spreadsheet, then this link is for you.

Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

Send Mass Email with Gmail

It allows to send mass email with Gmail in just a few clicks, which is very useful for those who send emails daily to multiple people on a daily basis, which will be going to save some extra time. All the Bulk emails can be sent in one click, and moreover, you can personalize the body content and attachments too can be sent to some specific recipient.

Multiple Gmail Contacts can be added to the Google Spreadsheet by using this Mail Merge add-on by creating a group of Gmail Contacts, so it is always a better idea to import the group of contacts in just a few clicks, instead of a copy - paste job.

Now Let us get into action and get this job done and create Mail Merge in Gmail with Google Spreadsheet.

1. Login To you Gmail.
2. Go To you Contacts Section, and create a group of those recipients whom you want to send mass emails. Check out the below image for better insights.

Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

3. Now though we have already created a group in Gmail, Open a New Google Spreadsheet from Google Drive.

4. Now we need to install the add-on, here is the add-on created by Click through that link and click on install. This will create Mail Merge add-on for your Google Spreadsheet.

5. Click on "Create Merge Template", this will create a Mail Merge Template in your Google Spreadsheet.

6. Now click on the Add-ons menu and the "Import Google contacts".

Mail Merge In Gmail With Google Spreadsheet

7. This will Open a Dialog Box, from where we can import the contacts, select the group which we have created as a group in Gmail few mins back.

Mail Merge Gmail

8. Now this will import all your contacts in the Google Spreadsheet just in a blink.

9. Though our contacts are already imported, so now its turn of add some attachments, which we want to send in the email to any recipients. Good thing is, it is not compulsory to send the same attachments to all the recipients. Attachments could vary for all the users. All we have to do is copy a link of the file in the section of that particular recipient. Or there is also a simple way to do this.


Select Add-on - Mail Merge with Attachments - Add File Attachments

Now we will be having three options to import the attachment, select one from where you want to import the files.

10. Now the next section is Schedule Section, here we can schedule the emails we want to send, just by mentioning a day and time, though it is not compulsory if you want to send the emails instantly after composing the email.

11. Now it is time to send the Email, In order to do that let us compose an email by again going back to the 

Add-on menu - Mail Merge with Attachments - Configure Mail Merge.

A dialog box will open, there we can add some CC and BCC as well if required.

Mail Merge gmail

As you can see in the above image we send emails to 45 recipients with a free version and in order to send more 250 emails per day, we need to upgrade to the premium.

12. Click on Continue

13. It will take you the next dialog box where you have to compose the email body and few details.

Mail Merge

14. Once done by composing the email, Click on "Run Mail Merge" to send the emails to all the recipients, it will just take few seconds and Bingo all the emails sent to the recipients.
You will also be also to see the confirmation message in the Google Spreadsheet.

Mail merge gmail

As we can see in the image, the Mail Merge Status, the sent date and sent time.

Video Credits: Amit Agarwal